Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Fourteen, Wednesday

This morning we skipped breakfast and drove into Laramie to meet with a great friend, Sally. We met at a local cafe called the Prairie Rose (and if you ever get there, order the Breakfast Burrito!). It is on Second Street in the old-town part of Laramie—an area we should explore more sometime. There are a lot of quaint looking shops and the old Western architecture is great.

We got home around 1:00 p.m. and I did a couple of small chores including fixing some of the mortar on the fireplace chimney that was chipped away by the pack rat. I also replaced the air filter in the heater system and went on the roof to inspect the solar panels and rack. I sure don’t want anything loose up there given we are likely to get more wind now that the wind break created by the pine trees is disappearing.

It was a warm day. We took the dogs for a short walk, then took it easy around the cabin. We had “Chicken in a Pot” for dinner with a plan to use leftovers to make Chicken Pot Pie on Thursday.

We watched Survivor on TV and then headed to bed to read. A simple day.

Here is a photo of the cabin through some trees and you can see the PV panels on the roof:


A couple of views from our short walk, looking up Sand Creek Pass:



And, finally, what dogs with cabin fever do:

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