Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A week of webs

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

I know, I know. Most people find spiders creepy. I don’t mind them as long as a) they don’t jump on me b) I don’t run into their webs unknowingly. Last week a large spider of unknown species (but I think it may be a Garden Orb Weaver) claimed our sliding door to the deck as its home. You saw the web in a previous post. The spider is still here. And,  it’s still building its web every night. Unfortunately, this is the door we always let the dogs out and use ourselves most of the time. Each and every night it spins an elaborate web. Every morning finds the web gone (except for the morning when Rick walked into it) and the spider retreats into the door track above. Sleeping I guess, or whatever spiders do.

It’s fast too. The other night we went swimming in the pool. The web was not there when we went out. A half hour later upon coming back in to the house I walked smack into its newly completed web. It’s a strong web too because I didn’t really damage it. Thank God the spider was not right in the middle like it usually is.

You may be bored by the following photos, but I thought it was kind of fun to take a photo of each web. They are all different. Which one gets your vote for the best one?

Web for Wednesday, July 16th

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Web for Thursday, July 17th

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Web for Friday, July 18th

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Web for Saturday, July 19th

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Web for Sunday, July 20th

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Web for Monday, July 21st (this one is a bit sparse and messy)

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Last night the spider got a very late start. I only managed to snap its photo while in the process of spinning. We watched it for a while but it didn’t seem comfortable with the light on, so we let it be

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

I know most people would either kill it (no!!) or remove it, but neither Rick or I can bear to do it. It seems harmless enough and doesn’t cause any problems (unless you forget it’s there) so we decided to just let it be and see how long it keeps this up. I find myself looking forward to each night’s new design.

The little old web maker itself:

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mid-Summer meanderings

Here in NJ the fireflies are pretty much done. We have a few hanger-ons, but for the most part they’ve all found their mate in life. We heard our first cicada of the season a few days ago, so they have taken over where the fireflies left off. So far it sounds like only a pitiful few that have been sent to warm up the orchestra. We expect symphony proportions before too long. Can’t wait. I don’t think I could ever live again in a place where fireflies and cicadas don’t live. They are an integral part of summer.

The hummingbird moths are out in force. I just love them! Such funny little creatures with their part bird/part insect appearance.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

The turkeys brought their new crop of babies around yesterday and also this morning. Turklets is what I call them. Too cute for words.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

I also had a nighttime visit from a bear around 10:30 p.m. I was here in the office and I heard noises from just outside the window where the construction trailer is parked. The dogs went berserk. I stepped outside and turned on the light, but I couldn’t see anything. I did hear something heavy moving off into the woods though, and not ten minutes later the dogs were furiously barking (from inside the house) at something in the back yard or possibly on the deck. I couldn’t imagine anything a bear would want with spent plywood and other assorted junk from out bathroom rip out. That is until this morning when I saw a paper sack dragged out into the front yard just yards away from the trailer. Closer inspection of the trailer bed showed a half-eaten sandwich tossed in there from the plumber’s lunch yesterday. AHA! I can only assume the bear either moved off due to the dogs or because there were nails sticking straight up from pieces of wood that he/she might have encountered in their search for lunchmeat.

Our house renovations are moving along albeit slowly. The kitchen is pretty much complete except for the backsplash and new kitchen window.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

We “moved” out of our bedroom two weeks ago for the complete bath remodel and probably have another two weeks to go before we can “move” back in. My day starts at 7:30 when the crew arrives. Cats have to be rounded up and closed off in the bedroom we are camping in, dogs corralled downstairs in their basement run.

Our house has turned into a construction zone. Workers come in and go out. Up the stairs, down the stairs they go, tracking dog hair and construction residue all the way. The music of saws, drills and hammers resonates through the house. The dogs bark every time either the plumber or electrician go down to the basement. There is no escaping the constant din. I could leave the house, but I always seem to be needed to answer questions throughout the day. I can escape to the pool, and since it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today, I just might do that. To the work crew’s credit, they arrive early and most of the time they leave early (mid-afternoon) which helps some.

Our bathroom the way it looked before:

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Our bathroom now:

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

As you can see we have a way to go yet. We are completely reconfiguring everything in it, closing off the old door and cutting a new one so we can have a proper walk-in closet in the dressing area off the bedroom that was not being used for anything. The toilet, tub, shower and vanities are all flipped from where they used to be. Quite the project! It’s going to be great when it’s done.

While all that is going on inside the house, an industrious spider (and one very ugly spider it is I might add) has been busy outside our sliding door to the deck doing some web building. See what I mean? Construction everywhere! Every night it spins its complex web, only to be gone the next morning when I let the dogs out. Imagine, all that work for one night! At least we’ll have a little bit more to show for all our inconveniences than Mr. Spider. At least I certainly hope so!

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dragonflies at Rest

Dragonflies are cool creatures. On wings of gossamer they flit here and there, rarely stopping for a moment. From a distance they are beautiful, but on closer inspection they look like what they are: insects. Still, their different colored bodies and wings demand a closer look.

Over the weekend, I noticed the dragonflies just resting on the lilies. Mostly they seemed to like the spent buds the best. They begged to have their photos taken while in this uncommon state of repose. So, I give you Dragonflies at Rest.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Here is a slow motion video Rick took last year of a dragonfly in motion. Take a look!



Saturday, July 12, 2008

If a lily could fly ...

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

If a lily could fly
it could certainly not ask
for anything more beautiful
to take it to the sky.

more ethereal dragonfly pics to come ...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


One of our rituals at the cabin is taking a just-before-sunset drive in hopes of seeing wildlife. Sometimes we see something, other times we don’t. Over the ten days we were there we saw elk, antelope, plenty of deer and a marmot, but no moose.

On the evening before we left we went out for one last drive and saw a cow moose with twins at the edge of a clearing. She heard the car and ran into the dense cluster of aspens. We waited. When she started to move we tracked her and realized she was about to come out into the open. What we weren’t prepared for was happened next. Take a look at the slide show that follows. (By the way I have a new camera that is really fast!)

So many moose get tangled in barbed wire fencing every year. Some can’t free themselves and end up dying a horrible death. I wish they would use fencing that would allow animals to free themselves more easily. Fencing off the high country is not a good thing as far as I am concerned. If you need to fence; do it right. Thankfully, this little family is still intact. It was wonderful to see them, don’t you agree?


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