Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sailor the Chlorinator

This is getting a bit silly. Now Sailor has ended up in the pool. Of all dogs, this is the one that NEVER even gets his feet wet if he can help it. I got up this morning and let the dogs out, not quite fully awake myself. They hadn’t even been out for five minutes and I heard them barking, which in itself is nothing out of the ordinary, but it was different somehow. Usually they all end up back on the deck barking. This barking was coming from further away. I looked out and saw them clustered around the pool. OH NO, I thought. Now what? I peeked over the railing and the sea of dogs around the pool parted to reveal a dog in the pool at the shallow end. I could see a head and front paws clinging to the side. I yelled for Rick, who was still in bed, There’s a dog in the pool! At this point I didn’t know if I was going to need help or not.

I started down the steps very carefully since they were wet and a little slippery with last night’s rain, Who was it? I quickly did a name check of the dogs I could see and decided it was Sailor. He was looking pretty panicked and COLD, so unlike Bart’s situation, I felt he needed immediate rescuing rather than running for the camera. He HATES the water!! How did this happen? I ran over to the edge of the pool and pulled on his collar to lift him out. He was actually standing on the bottom with his front paws on the edge and he only needed a little boost from me to scramble on up and over. He came out with water running in streams off his body. A couple of rigorous shakes and he was looking a bit better. By this time Rick had joined me, but as it turned out we hadn’t needed any help. Back in the house Rick toweled the poor dog as dry as he could. He really smells chlorinated, hence the title. PHEW!

I don’t know how it happened. My guess is they were being their usual idiot morning selves and play fighting and got too close to the edge of the pool, and PLUNK!, Sailor landed in the drink. I hope they figure out this pool stuff pretty soon.


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