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Monday, January 21, 2013


IMG 6843

I feel like I should be blogging about something. Anything. But I can’t come up with anything anyone (including myself) would care to read. My mind is pretty much blank.

I could tell you I saw a huge hawk in the tree this morning, just waiting to make a snack out of the birds feeding below him. At first I thought it was an owl because it was so big, so white, and so round. But it was just a cold hawk with his feathers all fluffed out. He spooked when I saw him and flew to another tree. I got the camera out but for whatever reason the photos were all out of focus. You’ll just have to envision him for yourself, or you can look at the out-of-focus shot. (It’s a Broad-Winged. They nest in our woods.) He’s beautiful even if he does like to eat little birds.

IMG 6890

I could tell you it’s below freezing out there today and spitting fitful little snowflakes. Pfffftttt.

I could tell you that the dogs have had their second treatment for their scabies and are greatly improved. Good news for sure. The itching and scratching had pretty much come to a halt until we treated them on Friday whereupon they immediately started scratching again. The vet told us that as the little mites were dying off they would cause bouts of scratching, and so they do. No more ugly hot spots though.

Did I tell you that my neighbor Kim and I got to talking and I found out that she’s been treating her dog for the same condition? Yup, Finn has scabies too and she went through the same round of vet appointments and treatments (on non-treatments) that I did. No coincidence there since she has had to chase the fox away from their back deck too.

Hmmm … let’s see what else …

I could tell you we made a great Beef and Guinness Pie last night for dinner. Yummy.

I could tell you the lakes are finally freezing over. The ice fishermen will be happy about that.

I could tell you that over the weekend most of our last snow melted away. The snow squirrel has been reduced to a blob of white. Alex will have to resort to bushes and trees again.

I could tell you that it’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’ve already started a fire in the wood stove because it’s cold in the house.

That being said, what the heck am I doing sitting here telling you uninteresting things that you could care less about when I could be sitting by the warm fire reading?

I’m off …

IMG 6837

(photos: top & bottom: Blank Windows @ Long Pond : Mr. Not-In-Focus Broad-Winged)


Well, since I am stuck at work today, I have enjoyed reading about *your* day!!  Did I miss a story about a fox in your yard??

Elizabeth, Hello there! I talked about the foxes and the dogs contracting mange here:
I’m not sure I blogged about these particular foxes or not. It was back in October when they were hanging around.

Exactly that. Sounds like my of my kind of day. Cozy and peaceful, reading and staying warm with dogs (and cats—if W weren’t allergic, because he loved Sammy)  Lots of couch time. Cuddling—-bring it on!!

Also, hawks are amazing to see up close, (great shot) but it is intimidating esp. if they perch atop the bluebird house to survey the scene. We’ve seen quite a few in our yard. If they are looking to get at Ava they have another thing coming. That big Bunny is safe in his hutch!!!

We had a fairly warmish day today (50’s) but are getting way colder (yes!) NO iced coffe please (HaHa.)

Bigsis, I didn’t get any couch time or cuddling done. Nowhere to cuddle around the wood stove with animals! smile A hawk might go after Bunny Ava so good thing he is safe in his hutch for sure. HAHA re iced coffee ( our fav love-to-hate blogger ).

I love the blank windows photos! And the hawk is impressive, even out-of-focus. Your day doesn’t sound at all uninteresting. I think one of the fun things about blogging, and reading other blogs, is sharing in the seeming minutiae that really binds us all together.

Steve, how true. Glad I didn’t bore you and glad you liked the blank pics. Next time the hawk visits I hope to get a better photo.

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