Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Luck Talisman or Evil Demon?

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

This rather ugly statue sits in a front flower bed of our house. It came with the house, presumably left by the first owners. We can’t decide whether or not to get rid of it. Is it good luck or bad?  What is it? Does anyone know?

Please help us decide:

good vs. evil?
good luck vs. bad luck?
or just plain ugly?
toss it?
keep it?


Ugly!!! (If you don’t mind my saying) Spray paint might help if you like it, or maybe the garbage can?

Fu Temple Dogs are sold in pairs and will bring luck and protect any home or office. One Fu dog represents the male, his left foot is raised and rests upon the world - protecting worldly possessions and successes. The Other represents the female, her right foot is raised and rests upon the belly of a baby Fu- protecting the home and family.
Apparently how & where they are placed is importent, & you need the mate. Do a search on Feng Shui - Keiloon or Fu Temple Dogs.

I think he’s kinda cute…in a cabbage patch sort of way. 

I thought he looked like something that sits outside of a Chinese temple and Paula’s post confirms it. 

I’d keep him, you’ve been happy there so far.  Don’t want to go changing the luck you have.  smile

Yes Susan R., I think it’s pretty ugly too. It’s crumbling away. Sigh.

Paula, Thank You! I knew it was probably Chinese in nature, but didn’t know what. We only have one and it looks like it’s male. I searched but didn’t see what the significance of having only one of the pair was. At least according to them, he is placed correctly.

Susan in WA, I think I agree with you. If it’s working, don’t mess with it. ...

Oh, keep him!  He may look a little ragged, but his face and body tells the story of many battles, some lost but most won.

I like the explanation that Paula gave.  Cool!

We have gargoyle, much to the annoyance to the neighbors.  I love gargoyles, but a stupid airhead girlfriend of a neighbor managed to jump a curb, drive cattycorner across two small front yard, nicking a tree on the way…and hit the corner of our house!  After repairs were made, the gargoyle came home with me and guards the house.  And pfft! on the neighbors.
He needs a name…Zatochi!  The hero in The Blind Swordsman movies!  Ha!

It must be there to guard and protect you. That’s my take on it.

I’d keep it.


Okay, he stays! Thanks for your comments!

Okay, he is seriously ugly…but…who among us doesn’t have a few issues <chuckle>

just because something is ugly, it shouldn’t be cast aside!! he is looking after you and scaring bad things away!! i am sure sam appreciates that too. let things grow on it if you dont want to look at it

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