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Happy Birthday Black-Eyed Pea!

IMG 0869

Who is Black-Eyed Pea you might be wondering? Why, Hailey of course! Bernergarden’s Black-Eyed Pea is her official AKC registered name. Ms. Hailey with the blackest of eyes. The most perfectly shaped almond-shaped black eyes per the Bernese Mountain Dog Standard.

Hailey came to us from Minnesota. Instead of taking the money from a breeding with my beloved Sailor I opted to take a stud puppy back.

Hailey is nine years old today! A pretty darned good age for a Bernese, and she’s still going strong.

Hailey is a silly dog. We don’t really have all that many photos of her because it seems she’s always in motion. She’s “lurping” as we call it, all the time. Her tail wags the rest of her body while she “slurps” you with her tongue. Hailey loves to give kisses, therefore that makes her a lurper. Here she is lurping Rick.

IMG 1205

Here are some photos of puppy Hailey.

IMG 0802 JPG

IMG 0980


IMG 1235


IMG 1390

Hailey’s favorite things are:

Food. Any kind of food. Dog food. People food. I can’t grab any kind of food without Hailey magically showing up at my side, looking at me soulfully with those black eyes.

Bones. She will also take everyone else’s bones when they aren’t looking and I always end up re-distributing them so everyone has a bone instead of Hailey having three.

Barking. She’s our alarm clark in the morning. When Bella and Alex are tugging on toys her job is to be cheerleader and encourage them by barking. Her staccato little barks come out at perfectly timed intervals. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Riding in the truck with her head out the window.

Her dog couch. Wouldn’t you know she’d pick a vintage loveseat as her dog bed?

IMG 6778

She was a great nanny when Bella was a puppy. Very patient and a good playmate.

IMG 6030


IMG 6408

She’s a sweet dog and tends to stay in the background (unless she’s barking).

IMG 0440


IMG 0608

In honor of her birthday Hailey will be going to McDonald’s for a hamburger for lunch and tonight she’ll dine on steak.

Happy Happy Birthday to Hailey the Black-Eyed Pea! We love you, silly girl!


(Photos from Top:)
Hailey with her mom Diva @ 8 weeks old; March 2004
Hailey kissing Rick; Cabin June 2012

Puppy Hailey:
Hailey (sitting up on left) with litter mates @ 8 weeks old; March 2004
Hailey @ 9 weeks old; April 2004
Hailey at White Sands (New Mexico) 3 months old; April 2004
Hailey @ 4.5 months old; May 2004

Hailey on her bed; January 2013
Hailey with puppy Bella; November 2008 (both pics)
Hailey at the cabin; June 2012
Hailey (left) Alex (right) with me at the Snowy Range, WY; June 2012




Happy Birthday H-Dog!

Hugs and kisses to Hailey on her birthday!  Have a great day, sweet Black-eyed Pea.

Happy Birthday “freckle-face” Hailey from your Auntie Susan! I will be saving some cheese doo-doos for you!

Happy Birfdays Hailey! I hopes you get menny prezents like me toos on my birfday wich commed past Saderday. I gived some to Lucy. I are gelus of the hambugger, but yuz zerve it!
Love & bonz,
Cuz Sookie

Hi Cuz Hailey,
Happy Birfday!! I hopes yuz hab a sooper day. Wees older guls needs to stickes togever!

Love n bonz,

Oh what a sweet, adorable dog—thanks for sharing all the pictures with us.  She’s lucky to have you and Rick (and vice versa)!!

C, Hailey says thank you!

Bigsis, she gets her freckles from dad Sailor. Aren’t they cute? He had one in the same spot on his nose as she does. Hailey says: Thx Auntie Sus, I love catching cheese doo-doos!

Cuz Sookie, it’s scary but I am starting to understand Bulldog-speak.

Cuz Lucy, yes us older girls do need to “stickes togever”

Elizabeth, she is sweet and adorable and you’re welcome! smile

Awww, I hope Hailey (and everyone else) had a great birthday. I love that photo of her sprawled on the loveseat. And she seems right at home in those photos with snow and mountains!

Steve, she had a great birthday and graciously shared her steak with Alex and Bella. The hamburger she had all to herself.

And, just in case you thought the pic of her running with the blue sky behind her was snow, that was SAND and not SNOW! Taken at White Sands National Monument near Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Thank you Lynne for the lovely trip down memory lane!  I loved the baby pictures. That whole litter was so special - Dumpster with his wide white head, Hops with the sweetest personality of any BMD ever, and smart sassy Maggie. It sounds as though Hailey is living up to all that and more. So happy she is healthy and active at 9 years. You guys have provided the best home I could have hoped for. And you know how hard it was to send her away!
Hope she enjoyed the burger and steak.  Stop in MN on your next trip out West., we would love to share a bottle or two with you!


Coleen, You’re most welcome and THANK YOU for using Sailor and allowing us to bring Hailey home with us. I do know how hard it was for you to send her to Colorado instead of keeping her closer in MN. She did enjoy her burger and her steak. We do need to get together again somehow! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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