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Sunday, August 23, 2009

After the bog

After seeing Bella so muddy and dirty after the last entry, you might be wondering what happens next. Certainly they don’t let her in the house that way? Well, here is your answer.

Is she not smart?


Good Dog Bella!
by the way, you were right - the tomato tart is wonderful…the flavor was hard to beat!

That’s so cute!! She is smart! I was wondering how you dealt with that mess!

Wonderful! What a good dog!

Oh Lynne, I was laughing so hard!!! That was so funny and so super cute too! I kept waiting for her to roll in the pool or go find some dirt to top off her clean feet with…you know, like frosting? wink  She is so smart! I love how happy she is to go wash her feet ... dogs that are happy like that are sure fun to live with!

That is toooo cute!  I love it that she even washed her chin!

Hi all! Gosh, something is wrong with my blog I guess since the site did not send me the comments. I didn’t realize I had so many comments on this post until this morning when I went in to post a new entry! Sorry about that!

Thanks for all your comments! Bella didn’t always go this easily into her private pool. The first few times this happened I tried to drag her in and it was like working with a stubborn mule. She would not go so I ended up extremely frustrated and angry (and muddy)! I used to get a watering can full of water and pour it over her feet. When Rick took her down to her pool she went in with a little coaxing. Now, as you can see, she goes in by herself. Much easier on all of us!

How smart is Bella, running and jumping in the pool to wash off her feet!  Loved the video, but I would of died to see just how muddy she came home the previous post!  What a dirty girl!
Love this and the bear posts.  thanks for sharing Lynn..with this heat, wish I had your pool

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