Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cherrapy: Alone Time

IMG 8401

This time I took the photo because I wanted the person in it! I liked the way she appeared to be dwarfed by the tunnel of flowering trees. 

Next post starts the cherry overload parade! And then? Well, then we'll be finished with the cherry trees and you'll all breathe a sign of relief. But don't get too complacent. The crabapple lane over at Skylands is about to pop.


I think this is my fav so far of your Cherrapy.  The whole tunnel effect of the trees and lane are great.  And the person gives a wonderful sense of perspective.  Haha…can’t wait for the Crabapple Lane Crab-a-palooza smile

Can never have too much cherrapy!  I agree with Kathy - Crabapy just doesn’t work.  Looking forward to the crab-apalooza too!

Kathy, thank, I kind of like this one best too. I like Crab-a-palooza as an entry name!

C, will okay then, we’ll get on with more Cherrapy. Crabapy might work depending on what mood I’m in! wink

That’s a really nice shot. I like the woodsy environment.

Thanks, Steve!

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