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Friday, May 03, 2013

Crabapple Allee at Skylands

IMG 8875

I've been trying to catch the crabs in bloom. Wednesday I went over but I wasn't happy with my photos. So, yesterday morning I went back again, only a little bit earlier to avoid too many people. And, wouldn't you know it, the allee was being mowed! I bided my time with taking photos of other things until he was done. They aren't quite all  in full bloom yet, but almost.

The freshly mown grass gave off a wonderful odor. The grass only smells this way in spring and in fall. Sweet, like clover. And also like freshly cut scallions! We have so many wild onions all over the place -- in our own yard as well. I didn't have long to wait and Mr. Mower moved on out of my way.

IMG 8927

This photo was taken about half-way down the allee, looking toward the statues of the the Four Continents. There are 156 "Pink Spires" in total.

IMG 8822


 The statue of Asia looks back the opposite direction towards the lodge. It's her best side since her face is mostly worn away. Do you remember her?


IMG 8890



IMG 8824


The color of newly sprung green was everywhere. It doesn't last long but it's intoxicating while it's here.


IMG 8902


Ahhh, Spring!!






Such pretty colors…blue sky, green grass, and pretty flowers.  We are covered in snow here.  Think we are ready for nice weather now.  (We got around 17” of snow May 1st.)

You needed Rick’s slo mo camera for the bees!  The ‘other’ trees are greening up nicely.  A gorgeous ‘alley’ indeed.  Was thinking what a beautiful aisle for a bride to walk down, but it would be a pretty long walk.

Oh I ADORE the smell of onion when grass is freshly cut!

I love crabapples. One of my favorite trees.

Debra, we’ve heard about all the snow back your way. Colorado can be so crazy in the spring!

C, tons of bees! Yes, Skylands named in an allee instead of alley and everytime I type it that way the spell checker switches it to allele . Very annoying! They do lots of weddings and receptions at Skylands, so your idea is a really good one! It would be pretty and she wouldn’t have to walk all the way down. However, I wouldn’t want the creepy statues watching as I got married. wink

Kathy, every time I mow the yard I get overwhelmed with the smell of onion.

Steve, I think my favorite is still cherry, but crabs come a close second.

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