Friday, October 07, 2011

Early Morning

IMG 5921
Early morning shadows on the bathroom wall and door from the wood blinds. Weird, huh?

As I sit here this morning in front of my computer I have no idea what I am going to say. I just feel like I should be here writing. Something. Anything.

I am working on a blog post about the cabin and the land around it but it’s more complicated than I thought it would be. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to anyone who has never been there. I’ll keep at it.

When I told a friend yesterday that I was having trouble navigating my own house because I kept thinking I was at the cabin and would go to the drawer here at home thinking it was the silverware drawer, only to find that it wasn’t. She scolded me with a “but Lynne you were only gone two weeks!” It’s hard to describe to someone the amount of immersion we experience. It’s not like going on vacation to a motel or resort. It’s our second home. Literally. Sometimes I feel like I am two different people: my New Jersey self and the Wyoming/Colorado cabin self.

I snapped these photos from the truck on the long drive home. Here is the sunrise in Iowa on our second day.

IMG 5899

And the sunrise in Ohio on the third day.

IMG 5900 636 pixels wide

This was taken a little later in the day in Ohio. I thought it was an interesting sky. I think it looks more like ripples of water on a lake than clouds in the sky.

IMG 5901

It has turned to fall weather here. Our nights are dipping low into the 40’s and last night we had high 30’s. The last couple of days have been sunny and pleasantly warm with a cool nip in the air. Perfect! I find it ironic that it basically rained here the whole time we were in Colorado, and there we had sun every day. Now that we are home the rain seems to have disappeared just when I was craving a rainy day after two weeks of sun.

Another friend wrote to me the other day and asked how could I complain about the sun shining? Trust me, you would be bored to tears with day after day of brilliant sunshine. Weather of any kind that is the same—whether it’s constant rain or constant sun—gets monotonous. I like the sun; just not all the time! We were really hoping for rainy/snowy/cozy weather at the cabin but it doesn’t happen much when we are there. I know you all think I am crazy, and maybe I am!

After reading this blog post over I guess I really didn’t have much to say, but I like the pics so I am posting this anyway.


Most people who have lived “Up North” welcome sunshine and hate grey days and snow. You and I are quite different. We love the grey rainy/snowy or just cozy overcast days! After being raised in NY and having lived too long in Florida(you & me)and Colorado(you) where the sun shines too much—-we’re done! I know people think I’m crazy when I compain about endless sunny days, but who cares!

Lynne:  I think your heart belongs in Colorado.
Do you think you might live there permanently one day?  I would!!!!

Photo of the sun through the blinds - totally cool!
Now I don’t know about Sand Creek but my brother in Walden had snow on his car this morning with more in the forecast.

Bigsis, I think you and I are strange because people here who live “up north” all the time hate the rain and crave the sun. But I think they have not lived anywhere else but here either, so that makes a huge difference.

Susan, I think you are right. I love living in the east but I am torn.  I think it could be summed up by saying my heart belongs to the cabin and not Colorado specifically. I could never live on the front range (i.e. Loveland, Ft. Collins, Denver) again. But the cabin is another country to itself. We will have a trial year at the cabin and go from there. More coming on my future post!

Debra, thanks, I l had to grab my camera quick this a.m. to get that shot. Sigh. Snow it what I wanted most during our cabin visit. Now that we have gone it’s free to snow!  I heard that a cold front was moving through. I wish we had caught it!

I thought I felt my ears burning! tongue laugh Well, you just missed it - heard on the Weather Channel tonight that it was snowing in Laramie!  Maybe next year you can think about going to the cabin in October instead of September.

C, yep those are your ears your feel burning, although do I dare to point out you said it first. I mentioned no names in either call-out. smile I know, we always miss it. Have no fear, no matter what weeks we planned our vacation for the weather would not snow.  Next year we are planning on June to catch the wildflowers.

Agree about the sun; when we visit friends in Seattle and they apologize for the rain I tell them (quite honestly!) that it’s a treat.  This year it’s been cool and more rain than usual in CA and I’ve enjoyed that too.

I love the early morning shadows in the bathroom photo - very clever.  A really interesting post.  Peter and I are going to Devon and Cornwall tomorrow for a week so hope we have some nice autumn weather.

Thanks Joyce! Have a great time on you getaway to Cornwall. I wish you had a blog so I could see pics of your travels. Glad you enjoyed the post but I thought it was pretty boring so glad to see you found it interesting!

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