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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Other Snows

There is talk of yet more snow in our near future: not once, but possibly twice in the coming week. Our first chance is tomorrow night. It won't be much, maybe one to three inches, but enough that it has to be cleared from driveways, steps and sidewalks. Another potential storm is looming for Sunday into Monday. They are talking "major" and not just a couple of inches here or there. I really hope that one passes us by since Rick has a business trip and is leaving on Monday. To Florida!

A reader commented that they thought our foot of snow was pretty substantial and he thought that is more than he saw in one snowfall when he lived in New Jersey. It was substantial and more than we usually see in one single storm. But two other snow events stick out in my mind: one was the Snowicane from February of 2010. Please follow this link for that blog entry and photos.

The other, and possibly the most snow I've seen since we've lived here was this storm that came the day after Christmas of 2010. I don't think it had a name but it certainly deserved one! Click here for entry and pics. Here is one teaser photo. The winter that followed that storm was the snowiest we've had so far since we moved in 2006. It just did not stop snowing.

IMG 1704 01


Our snow from the weekend is still here, albeit looking a bit sad after our above-freezing temperatures on Sunday and yesterday's icy rain. No way is it going anywhere before more snow is added to top it off. 

When I look back at the blog entries from previous years we were driving Mia in March and the trees were starting to bud out! By the end of April the trees are pretty much leafed out, but not fully. Right now that just doesn't seem possible. 

I can put up with a little winter as long as spring comes at the end of it! Spring is all the more sweeter after a true winter, don't you think?


(photo:) It's deep out here!


More snow???  ~fingers crossed

I’d like a chance to get the xx ski’s out this weekend. 

I used to count the days till the first day of spring… then I learned how to enjoy playing in the snow and now the end is bitter sweet.  Although, the chance to dig in the garden soon replaces any regret I have about lack of snow.

Maggie, who knows what it will really do! Our xx skis are at the cabin but we do have our snowshoes here in NJ. Winter here is relatively short when you think about how it doesn’t really start to snow until January and by March the spring flowers are poking out of the ground! They each have their joys, don’t they?

If you think your winters are short… wouldn’t want to live here with the short springs and eternal (ok I exaggerate, but mostly 5 month-long summers.)  At least that’s is the way I feel. I am a fall/winter girl and most people think I am crazy to not like hot weather.

Love the snow dog pic!! (looks like Alex?)

Bigsis, yes I think our winters are short compared with winters at the cabin where is can snow (and does) anytime past October clear through May. smile We have great “real” seasons here which is what I love. Just about the time you are getting tired of one the other one arrives. I could not live in the south! smile
It’s Hailey. Follow the link and read the blog post!!

I remember that snow right after Christmas in 2010.  I had a drift on the roof that covered the dish so I lost TV for an entire week….and I was on vacation that week!  That same week an ice dam worked its way under the shingles causing a leak right through to my bedroom and the mattress at 2:30 AM.  Good time, good times!  LOL

Helene, good times indeed! smile

Lynne, I do remember both of those snow events in 2010. In fact I took a video in February 2010:

I think those are the events I remember as snowpocalypse and snowmaggeddon. I remember the name snowicane too, though—it all runs together now!

Steve, maybe that’s why this last storm was named Nemo because they ran out of Snow-whatever for names! Thanks for the video. I love it when it snow like that. Big, heavy flakes! And lots of them!

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