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Monday, October 30, 2006

Pool Reflections: Final Episode

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

SIGH. The pool has been put to bed for the winter. We haven’t really been able to swim since Labor Day. Its crystal clear waters would beckon to me, luring me to come closer.

come on in, it seemed to say, i’m not too cold…

The unspoken words would float around my head like tendrils of water, wrapping themselves around my brain.  The pool was weaving its spell again, just like it had every warm summer’s eve. Over and over I could hear the taunting refrain:

...come on in, the water’s fine…
...come on in, the water’s fine…
...come on in, the water’s fine…  

Finally, I gave in to the pool’s spell and tested the waters. ~ohmygod~ I gasped, as the frigid water poured over my hand and the enchantment was broken. No way—BRRRRRRRRR!  Silly pool, what were you thinking?

Poor pool. Poor us. It was sure fun while it lasted. For two people who have never had a pool before and didn’t particulary want one, we certainly got a lot of enjoyment and use out of it. It’s sad, but just look how cozy it will be under its new safety cover! So much more attractive than the old way, and so much safer for the dogs, not to mention much less maintenance for us. It was an expensive venture, but one that we think was a smart one.

Have a good hibernation, dear pool. Think plenty of warm thoughts for next year. Until we swim again…


Here is were the calender ends up on the bottom with or with out comments

Hey, that’s a darn big pool! Why oh why isn’t it heated?
On another topic…and because Rick won’t let me post for another 180 sec…
I will miss Ed Bradly.
A true gentleman of grace and elegance.

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