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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skylands: Things That Were Blooming

IMG 8320

Yesterday I showed you things that were not yet blooming, so today I will show you what I saw that was blooming. This magnolia was superb! Grab a seat on the bench and drink it in!

IMG 8325


IMG 8267

These sweet little lavender-blue flowers that were dwarfed by the large tree they were growing under. I thought the light was interesting (and tricky) in this photo; part shade, part sun.

IMG 8280

Gee, surprise, surprise — a daffodil. It was the only one of its kind blooming and it was just outside of the designated flower bed like it had escaped confinement. You go daff!

IMG 8285

Mayapple. Love its freckled face!



My favorite photo is the 3rd. Looks like a fairy land. I like the sun and shadow.

I know this is asking a lot, but I would absolutely love a copy (sometime) of those blue flowers with the sun and shade at the base of the tree. I would frame it for our bedroom. So relaxing and magical. Rick is right.

Thanks, hon!

Bigsis, it’s not asking a lot at all. I’d be happy to use our Canon printer and make you a frameable copy! Glad you liked it! Thanks for the compliment.

I agree that it looks like a fairy land…you can almost see the door to some magical place right in the shadow of that tree root.  It’s a lovely shot (as are all of them!)

Love that shot of the lavender flowers at the base of the tree.  Great crop!

Such a beautiful taste of spring!  Love your magnolia shots!

Susan, I think there was a tiny door at the base of the tree come to think of it ... Thank you!

Kathy, thanks!

Connie, thank you and thanks for stopping by!

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