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Thursday, October 22, 2009

To catch a waterfall

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Here I am today at the Cavern Cascade at Watkin’s Glen State Park at the southern end of Seneca Lake. We hiked one mile up this glacier carved canyon and I have some very cool photos to share. I just haven’t had much time to either comment on your blogs or write my own.

We tasted some wine today. Some good. Some too acidic for our palettes. Let’s just say that at one vineyard, Glenora Winery,  we bought 14 bottles of wine to the four bottles of wine we ended up buying at Fox Run.

Sorry to be so short, but time is limited. I will be posting more once we’re home. Promise.


There is something about waterfalls…wow.  I really enjoyed studying all the rock layers. Thanks for sharing.  Have fun!

Sounds like a splendid trip, so far!

Very nice photo!  Sounds like a fun trip! Too busy for blogs…excellent!

Love the photos from Rochester area! My hubby loved that area and we are hoping to take a mini-vacation up to Corning sometime while we are still on the East Coast. That waterfall is amazing!!

What a wonderful waterfall. Was it as cold as it looks?

I went to school 14 miles north of the Glen right on the highway for my last two years of high school. The Gorge just kinda comes up at you- right next to a gas station/convience store then there is this beautiful spot- just amazing! It goes on and on and takes you into this beautiful world- carved out eons ago! The water flows looks so clear and untouched! The lake goes on for I think I remember 31 or 32 miles. Back during WW2 the government trained some Navy on submarines in Seneca lake cause its so deep in some spots. Living there- in late August- there is nothing better than smelling the heavy heady scent of ripe grapes- the smell is like nothing else. There is the best pizza I’ve ever had in a little town - Dundee-a little further west of the lake off the highway that takes you up towards the thruway. It was called Hwy 14 when I lived there. It may have changed. Right across from the school there is a little roadside stand where they make their own honey and all sorts of beeswax items and make their own ice cream. It’s still the best ice cream I’ve ever had too. I miss it up there- it’s beautiful. BTW: Corning Glass museum- right by Elmira- is beautiful and really interesting. Their gift shop has items that just take the breath away!
That being said Lynne- I hope you had a wonderful time! It sure looks like it- your pictures took me WAY back to 10 years ago. I woke up every day to that lake view… I sure miss that!

Debra, waterfalls are amazing things!

Jan, yes indeed!

Thanks Becky! Kudos to hubby Rick!

Krista, you really should make the trip up there! The area around Corning is very pretty!

Donna, not as cold as it looks!

Jessica, what a lovely comment! And yes, the Hwy is still 14. Dundee is between Seneca and Keuka Lakes, your memory serves you well! I thought you used to live in New Jersey? Did you move from New Jersey to New York? Lucky you to live in this area!

I grew up in Hunterdon county, NJ near Flemington till I was 16- then I went to private school up there- right on the lake. I finished up high school there and stayed on to work for another year till I moved again.
I condider myself very lucky to have lived there. Being there made me really appreciate nature at its finest. I really got to see so much beauty there. My favorite lake is Keuka of the 3 I’ve seen- Seneca- Keuka and Cayuga.  Keuka has a college right on it- I don’t remember the name- but there is a breathtaking church there- I saw the Rohester Symphony Orchastra perform there and one of my friends from the school was married there. That church- if you had the time- I would suggest you see it cause it’s just that beautiful~!  It’s too bad I was too young for the wineries there when I was there- but I plan to take my husband there at some time and show him everything I experienced! This time wine tasting included! LOL!

Jessica, I agree. Keuka is my favorite too. Stay tuned in a few days for pics from there. Ha, I feel like our lives are somehow following in your footsteps here. Kind of odd, don’t you think?

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