Thursday, April 24, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Our trip to Mexico has been a challenge from the start. We had to postpone it last year because Alex was sick and we didn't know if we'd be able to  make it or not, so we made the choice to cancel and the people that owned the house were kind enough to say we could re-schedule with no loss of deposit. Same with our airfare. We rebooked the same house and forged ahead with our plans.

Until last night. Last night we got a phone call from the realtor of the agency we are renting the house in San Miguel from. Uh oh. The people got a buyer for their house and the new owners have cancelled all pending rental contracts. Eeeek! It never fails. We knew there was a chance that the house could be sold since they've had it on the market for a couple of years, but really, two days before we leave? He's scrambling to find us another house which he promises will be even nicer than the one we were going to rent. In fact, if push comes to shove and he can't find another house, he has offered his own house to us since he is in California right now.

One of the first questions he asked us was if we liked dogs or not. Rick, said "uhm, yes, we have dogs ourselves, why?" It turns out that their bassett hound is in residence but the house staff will take care of everything to do with him and the only thing we'd have to do was pet him if he asks. I guess the house is extremely nice (with a pool) and usually rents out for three times the price per week of the one we were going to stay in. 

So, we don't know exactly where we'll be staying and I guess wherever the driver takes us is where we belong! Nothing like a little shake-up right before departure. At first I was very upset but now I've come around to the idea of a house that is fully staffed and I don't have to lift a finger that  comes complete with a dog to pet when I am missing my own. As my sweet husband tells me, just go with the flow.

Photo: Doesn't the above photo look like a face to you? the windows are the eyes, the tree with the hole is its mouth and nose, some moss that serves as a toupee and it even has a hat on!

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