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Monday, June 17, 2013

Halfway Home

Right now I am sitting in the airport in Miami waiting for the next leg of our trip to Newark. I’m sitting in the bar with a nicely chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc at my fingertips.

Our flight from Cartagena was uneventful. We were on a brand spankin’ new Airbus 320, and I swear it was its maiden flight. Pristine! It had the new air filtration system where fresh air flows from above and below the overhead compartments. The seats were leather and comfortable and when you reclined, the seat bottom slides forward, leaving plenty of room even if the person in front of you reclines their seat as well. A USB port was in the seat back in front of you instead of underneath between the seats along with a cup holder and the video screen. This was coach, folks! And, get this, the plane was only halfway full so we had a whole row to ourselves. How often does happen when flying anywhere these days?

The flight was operated by Avianca airline in co-partnership with United. United could learn by Avianca’s example. They passed out hot towelettes, served us a hot meal (wine was not even extra although it was too early for that) and gave great service. I would fly them again: anywhere, anytime.

I know I have been lax about posting while there. It just never seemed to be the thing to do. There was always walking, eating,  or bobbing in the hotel pool. We filled every minute of each day. Photos have been slim too, I know. I promise you will be begging for mercy once I get home and start sharing some of them with you.

The photo editor on the iPad is not as good as on my computer at home and they are harder to manage. I promise, much more to come.

Last night we sat at the Cafe del Mar and sipped on pina coladas on the old walls of the city and watched the sun go down. It’s “the” thing to do. I’m not sure why it is that we humans are so fascinated with the sunset. Everyone clapped as it set.

We had a great time and never really felt uncomfortable even though English is not very widely spoken. We got by okay but it would have been nice to know a little bit more Spanish. I am going to hit the Rosetta Stone as soon as I get back to get ready for our trip to Mexico in late October.

I have more things to share about our journey, but those are best written about not sitting in an airport bar in Miami.

Sorry I haven’t been to anyone’s blogs to comment, I promise to catch up.

For now it will be nice to be home once again.

Photo: Hotel pool reflections in the early morning

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