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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Monday is “D” Day

As in Departure Day ... finally! The sun came out today with a high of 54 degrees F and melting took place big time. We did a trial run to our neighbors and got through fine. A few places along the route are still a bit sketchy according to our neighbors who went in to Ft. Collins yesterday afternoon (it took them 4 hours just to get out of Sand Creek Park) and came back this afternoon. They were amazed how much melting had happened in their absence.

All day the snow has avalanched off the roof with a loud whoomph. It startles us every time and the cat runs for the closet. We have a huge pile of snow now on the front side of the cabin and more than the beginnings of the outdoor cabin fridge. If you are wondering what I mean you have to wait until we get home and I find the photo.

We learned something new this trip: it snows into the screened-in porch. Makes sense I suppose, but we have never actually seen it happen.

So. This trip was kind of a marker of sorts for whether or not we really can see ourselves retiring to the cabin, at least for a little while. As I’ve said before I promised Rick one full year here. My answer? A resounding YES, I think I could do this. Life is peaceful here and even though it is not an physically easy life, I believe it’s one worth living. At least for a while. Maybe not so good when we need walkers. But while we are still young enough to tough it out, why not?

I know you are thinking we are crazy. Maybe. But this cabin and surrounding 70+ acres are in our blood.

Seasonal Clash

We are ready to leave. I think. Mentally we both know we need to get home but our hearts our torn. We’ve had an extra three days due to the snow, so for that we can be thankful. But we are packed and have been since early yesterday morning, so it’s kind of a limbo experience knowing our departure is imminent.

We’ll miss our little piece of heaven on Earth. Thanks for coming along on our adventure with us. We’ll see you on the flip side back on the East Coast.

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