Sunday, June 26, 2022

My Thoughts That I Should Never Post

Nobody reads this dustly old blog anymore anyway. So I decided to post this. If you read this, bless you for caring about this old blog, but please be gentle.

I am appalled at our country. What have we become? We are going backwards in time, not forward.

We applaud “the right to bear arms”, which was stated in our constitution hundreds of years ago and not valid anymore today. We are not fighting an enemy. Sure, people who hunt should own guns. But not weapons that were meant for the military and certainly not for civilians. Why would anyone need a weapon like that? They don’t. But they get them. 

No control over guns that can kill so many people at one time. Our decaying government hands us biscuits instead of bones. (sorry I have dogs)

And seriously, how do you REALLY feel about knowing someone at your party is “packing” a gun? I would not feel safer at all. Is this one of those western we used to watch on TV? Let’s all have a shoot-out! Oops, we missed the real culprit, so sorry we got you instead.

Yet we overturn Roe vs Wade and add more control to what women can do and not do with their OWN bodies. 

Women have pretty much always been under the rule of men who think they are superior. Of course they do, they are MEN after all. Those who go about and rape us, have incest with us, and nary a thought about the complications and results of their greedy sex-driven acts. They don’t have to carry a child to birth and then decide what to do with their life that has been destroyed by such acts. The men? Do they have any regrets? Do they want to provide support for that child created in such an act that even religious people should find despicable? Hello no, they were just acting on their hormones.

Do you really believe that “God” is looking down on these women? Surely he would intervene. What is he doing about it? He is a very busy MAN for sure. And why do we all think “GOD” is a MAN? Please. Although, maybe he is. Why would a woman “GOD” place that burden on us knowing what it would entail. Questions, questions. They will never be answered.

My advice for “man” kind? Go find yourself a goat. And, if men were the child bearers we would never be having this discussion. 

Okay, I feel a tiny bit better now. But not much.

I might be fleeing to Canada after the next election


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