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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Shower Door

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We've been doing without our glass shower door for about two weeks now. It's a real annoyance because we have to tilt the shower head to the back wall and basically stand in the corner so as not to splash a lot of water outside the shower.

We renovated our bathroom about four years ago: completely ripped out everything and changed the whole configuration of the layout, including changing the doorway. The person who did the renovation (Tim, who has done all our other extensive reno's like the kitchen, powder room and guest bath) used a local company for the frameless shower.

We'd been putting up with the door not closing for about four months or so and I finally called Tim to come and take a look. He couldn't see any way to adjust it or just what the problem was so he called the company to come and take a look.

When the service person showed up he immediately took the door off its hinge and could see that the problem was the fact that the glass was pulling away from the metal rail. He said we were lucky that one day we hadn't opened up the door only to have the entire glass panel fall out, that it was that close to disaster. Gee, now that would have been an exciting way to kick off a morning! 

He didn't have any rails with him, so he took our door away with him. We were under the understanding that even though the door was out of warranty, there would be no cost to us. I asked how long it would be before we got the door back and he said, "oh, about seven days." Right.

I called last week to inquire about when they might be bringing it back but it wasn't completed yet. Finally, a few days later (and after Tim called them too) they called to set up a time to deliver our repaired door. The receptionist told me that there would be a charge of $85.00. I argued back saying I thought there was not going to be a charge and she said it was a service charge for re-hanging the door. I told her I was not happy about that, that no one had mentioned any additional charges. I mentioned that I could probably get Tim to come over and hang the door for free. She transferred me to her manager and he and I went through the whole thing again. He put me on hold for about five minutes and I suspect he was calling Tim during that time because he came back on and told me there would be no charge, that the door should never have failed like that to begin with.

I'm glad I didn't just cave in and say I'd pay the service fee. 

I am also glad to report that our shower door has just been installed. I can't wait for tomorrow morning.


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