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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

A Chapter Ends

Posted by: Rick

We have sold the cabin.

If you've followed this blog, you know the history: we purchased the land in 1988; visited and camped on the land for many years while dreaming of a cabin someday; built the cabin in 2000; enjoyed it as a vacation home / retreat even while living in NJ for 10 years; returned to CO and lived full-time in the cabin for 2 years in 2016. 

We have itchy feet and feel a need for another change in our lives. We get that way every couple of years. Our history is one of constant movement and writing new chapters in our lives. So, here we go again. We are not 100% sure what we'll do or where we will end up. But, figuring that out is part of the new chapter.

We hope you've enjoyed this blog over the years. We'll leave it up for a while, but will eventually retire it.


Follow our adventures living in an off-the-grid cabin in remote Colorado. Kind of like reality TV on a blog!

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