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Friday, May 20, 2016

What a Day

Posted by: Rick

My Dad died today. 

Lynne and I went into Laramie to do a whole long list of chores: meet with UPS to see how we might get delivery to (or close to) the cabin, likewise with FedEx. We went to the local ACE hardware store, which I'm likely to discuss more in the future--what a great place (and great people). We got the dogs some buffalo bones, which they love. And, arranged to get puppy food ordered for delivery next Tuesday. (More on that soon, too.) We went to Murdoch's to get some mineral licks for the deer, moose and elk that visit us. We had lunch at Taco Johns, which was great. We went to Frontier Cycles and arranged to purchase a Polaris ATV on which we will put tracks for winter--our emergency egress plan.

We were going to go to the storage facility and pick up some more boxes, but I forgot the keys.

Lynne did laundry while I washed the truck. Finally, we went to Safeway to stock up for the next week.

When we got back to the cabin, I had an email from my Mom. My Dad had died during our trip back from town.

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