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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Breakfast Walk

IMG 6107

This morning I decided I was going to walk down to the newly opened Jessie’s for a TEC (Taylor, Egg & Cheese) breakfast sandwich that I’ve been craving for months now. Remember Jessie’s that burned down? They have reopened in a a different space: a restaurant that went bust just a few doors down from where their old place used to be. It’s right at the bottom of the hill on the main road that we live off of. We’re glad to have Jessie’s back! I’m not certain if they are going to rebuild in their old spot or not. For now they are renting the building.

IMG 6103

IMG 6105

This location has been three different restaurants since we’ve lived here. Most of the time it has just sat vacant. Every time we’ve seen a new restaurant open up we get excited since it’s so close to us. We eat there once and think meh. When they put up a sign that says “On Vacation” we know we won’t be seeing them again. It was a grill, then a pancake house (basically diner food) and most recently “Mexican” (I use that term loosely to describe their food) called El Rusty Anchor. The bars associated with the assorted restaurants always did a lively business but the food has never been great.

The last owner even planted a palm tree in the front to go along with his Mexican theme, which as you can see does not like life in northern New Jersey. It thrived the same way his restaurant did.

IMG 6104

It’s a nice walk, maybe 3/4 of a mile? And here was my reward. Yum! I don’t indulge in these very often but they sure are tasty.

IMG 6099

My walk took me past Green Turtle Pond which was placid and reflective this morning.

IMG 6115

Alongside the road the woods are brown brown brown right now. Still pretty. But very brown.

IMG 6106

This sign caught my eye and I thought it was funny.

IMG 6108

I was hoping that the walk would help to burn off the calories I consumed but probably not! It was a nice walk either way.


TEC beats the heck out of my instant oatmeal.

Hey, you had one the other morning on your way to work! smile

Yum! Remember me saying when you knew Jessie’s was coming, I said what a great place—you could walk to breakfast. I certainly envy you those great breakfast sammies. If you walk the calories don’t count LOL

Bigsis, well the walk did not negate the calories taken in as much as we both would like to think so. I only ate half and two tiny bites out of the second half, which I brought home and split between the three doggies. They got a walk too this afternoon, so maybe I did work those calories off after all.

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