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Monday, September 22, 2014

Cabin Trip 2014 - One Week In

Let's get food out of the way first. Steak and baked potatoes for dinner on Saturday, Lynne's chili with homemade cornbread on Sunday. Yum to both! I also baked a loaf of bread on Sunday because I need bread and bread crumbs for the Italian meatloaf later in the week. We'll eat it up for breakfasts, I'm sure. Lynne made a peach cobbler recipe that called for self-rising flour. We learned that Bisquick is probably not the same thing -- at least at this altitude. Leftover sliced steak on salad with home made blue cheese dressing for lunch on Monday.

Here is the bread:

I'm writing this early afternoon on Monday. We arrived exactly one week ago. 

Yesterday (Sunday) was a cool and rainy afternoon. Not typical of Colorado, we had a full day of clouds and light rain. According to my little weather station, we got about 1/2" of rain. It was wonderful. Everything smells so good and the moisture is very welcome. It will help the trees get stronger and better fight off disease and critters. In fact, in the morning we walked down to the beaver pond to give Bella a chance to swim, and I have never seen the pond so full this time of year. 

The lumber jacks were supposed to come today and do the "clean up" of the meadow. However, they were short a person and for safety reasons, did not come. Probably best anyway because of the heavy downpour we had mid-day. It really came down for a few minutes -- cold, wind and wet. We even fired up the stove for a while to stave off the cold and humidity. But, it was a more typical Colorado rainstorm and passed quickly and the sun is now out. The loggers will try again tomorrow.

I got a couple of chores done today. I changed the oil in the generator. For the record, it has 77.6 hours on the meter, now. I also took down some "shelves" that I had put up on the porch years ago. They were staggered in a way that made them a great cat tree -- and they were for the cats. But eBay doesn't care, so I took them down.

I'll leave you with a photo of aspens that Lynne took:

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Rest in Peace - Alex; 10/24/2002 - 9/8/2013

Today, we had the sad task of letting Alex go. Just a few weeks before his 11th birthday, he was in too much pain and too weak to let him go on. In the end, the lymphoma got him, but he put up a very brave fight for a couple of months. 

He was fine just a few days ago. Well, "fine" given that he was undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer. But, he was eating, running around, playing with his toys. Here is a video of Alex with his toys.

Sometimes it seems like it just isn't worth it having pets and losing them. But, I've come to believe that a few hours of crying, a few days of pain, and a lifetime of occasional sad reflections is really a small price to pay for the all of the companionship, joy, laughter and unconditional love they provide.

PS: Here is a cross link to Lynne's post: http://www.rickandlynne.com/rick/go/lynne/index/alex

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Alex is in the Hospital

Last night, we could not witness Alex's continued suffering with frequent abdominal cramps, his moans of pain, the shivering and restlessness. So, after first thinking we'd sleep downstairs on the air mattress to try to comfort him and keep an eye on him overnight, we instead decided to take him to the animal emergency hospital about an hour away. 

I'm glad we did since he just seemed to be getting worse and time went by. They treated his condition very seriously, calling for a Code One emergency, and immediately swept him away to do tests and to get him some fluids and pain medications. After initial examination, the doctor was happy with his glucose level and blood pressure, ruling out a couple of dire scenarios, but wanted to keep him hospitalized for at least a day, do more tests, and try to catch up on his hydration.

So, we left him there about midnight last night, came home to a restless night of broken sleep, and now await a call about his condition.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

No Renn Faire Today

We got up, did our morning routine and were all dressed up for the Renaissance Faire. But, Alex was clearly not feeling well. He did not eat breakfast (although he seldom does). He needed out a lot and had some diarrhea. He was clearly in pain, moaning occasionally and shaking/shivering. So, we got dressed back in 21st century clothing and took him to the local vet. 

He is suffering from GI distress and just can't get relief. He is cramping frequently and moans in pain when he does. We gave him fluids and put him on some pain meds, but there is little else we can do until this passes. 

But, it is hard watching him in such distress and pain. Frustrating. This is probably the sickest he has been in his (almost) 11-year life.

We bobbed in the pool some, but will save swimming for later. Kind of a bummer of a day.

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Monday, July 01, 2013

Nice Weekend

We had a pretty nice weekend.

We worked at power-washing the deck for about 3 hours on Saturday morning. Even with an early start and a cloudy morning, it got pretty hot before we were done. It had been a couple of years since I'd washed it and it needed it badly. It looks great now.

Then, we did some shopping and had lunch at a local old-fashioned diner called Good Times. The afternoon was spent around the pool.

We had beer-can chicken for dinner and it was great. Grilled corn-on-the-cob was an excellent accompaniment. 

Sunday, we went to the Warwick market where we got some veggies and greens. Upon arriving at home we made a nice green salad with goat cheese and roasted beets. Yum.

Another afternoon in the pool. Toward evening the weather got cloudy and looked threatening, so we spent the evening inside. Although we did fire up the bbq to do grilled lamb chops along with some roasted carrots and fingerling potatoes.

The only real bad thing on the weekend was our discovery of swollen lymph nodes on Alex. That is a sure sign that something is not right, and that "something" is most likely lymphoma. We've been through this with Sailor several years ago, so know the protocol of chemo treatments. Lynne will get him into the local vet this morning and we'll take it from there. Alex is approaching 11 years old--old for a Bernese Mountain Dog. And, he has always been a wonderful dog so we'll do whatever we need to do to keep him with us as long as possible.

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