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Friday, March 24, 2006

No Left Turn

One thing we have noticed about driving around in New Jersey is the prohibition on left turns. All turns, whether left or U, are made from an exit from the right-hand lane. Typicallly, you exit to the right and make a loop to a cross street where you can continue straight (executing a left turn) or go left (executing a U-turn). Since we are mostly unfamiliar with the roads and routes, this can be a major inconvenience. Often, you can see where you want to go, but can’t figure out how to get there. Making the required left- or U-turn may require you to drive another mile or so, first.

However, after driving around Fort Collins today, we realized the tremendous benefits of this scheme. First, since no one is making a left turn, they can’t hold up the traffic behind them. And, there are no left turn arrows at intersections, which eat up about 1/2 of the wait time at a red light. So, traffic flows much faster and more smoothly. I’ve decided it is a great idea. And, once we learn where the turn opportunities are, we’ll be able to get where we want to go pretty smoothly.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hectic Times

I know I’m not posting much recently. But, times are very hectic. We are handing a billion details associated with our move from Colorado, including:

Selecting a realtor to sell our house in Fort Collins
Arranging for various repairs and touchups to our house.
Working on the financing for the new house in New Jersey.
Dealing with utilities at both houses.
Getting medical checkups and follow-through before we lose medical coverage.
Sorting through all the stuff in our house, giving some away, throwing some away, arranging for other stuff to be moved.
Shutting down the cabin.
Getting the dogs vaccinations.
Finishing up my work here in Colorado.
And a billion other things that I can’t think of now (like moving my 401K to an IRA…)

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

We Are Moving to New Jersey

I’ve started a new category of topics on this site. It is called “New Jersey” and we’ll post information and insights related to our move from Fort Collins, Colorado to Hewitt, New Jersey.

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to join a great company based in Wayne, New Jersey. The people there are great, the work environment is superb, and their products are very exciting. I’ll post more details once I’m actually “on the job”.

Many people’s reaction upon learning about this move is complete surprise. First, I am a Westerner and most people just cannot imagine me wanting to move “back East”. Second, for some reason people in the West have negative images of New Jersey. Well both assumptions are false. I’m thrilled about the idea of living in the East. And, Lynne and I think New Jersey is a great place. We’ve found the people to be friendly and welcoming, the country side is beautiful, and we will have an opportunity to live in a new place and learn about a new part of the country. (Plus, we’ll only be a few hours from where Lynne was born and about 4 hours from her mom.)

So, when we get around to it, we’ll post articles here describing our move and life “back East”.

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