Friday, August 27, 2010

BBQing with bears and other things on a Friday

Last night just as we were preparing dinner, Hailey started barking and looking out the sliding screen door in the sun room. We looked out and didn’t see anything and told her to be quiet. A few minutes later she was barking again. This time I stepped outside on the deck to take a look. Sure enough, I saw a big black object down by the back fence in the woods. I went to get the binoculars to take a better look and when I got back the object had moved. Yes, for sure: a bear. A big one. It was on the inside of the fence, in our yard and seemed very intent on eating or digging something up. It must have heard us talking, but didn’t even raise its head.

Rick pulled out the grill and we continued with our dinner plans, all the while having a bear in our woodsy yard munching away on his dinner. Life here is so weird sometimes and what is even stranger is that it doesn’t seem all that strange to us to have it include bears at close range.

Today would have been my mom’s 84th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom wherever you are. We still miss you like crazy. It hardly seems possible you’ve been gone from us for three years now.

Bella, sweet Bella, turned two years old yesterday. She got toys and bones. She was like a little kid going from one to the other.

My friend Carolyn arrives later today to spend the weekend with us. Included in our plans are the Renaissance Faire tomorrow (so I am airing out my wench costume), canoeing on Green Turtle Pond, attending our neighborhood block party for a while on Sunday and hopefully taking a dip in the pool since it’s supposed to be hot again. A full and fun weekend!

We’ve had four days of rain in a row this week with yesterday finally clearing up and being lovely and should continue to be so through most of next week. It’s supposed to be back in the mid 80’s again. The difference is that instead of getting in to the high 60’s at night, it now dips down to the 50’s. The pool does not like 50 degree nights. No sireee. It didn’t like all that lovely rain either. So, it remains to be seen if we are brave enough (and hot enough) to get into 72 degree water; a full ten degrees off from where it was.

I’m starting to think about what we need to take with us to the cabin and gathering stuff up and putting it in the spare bedroom. Trying to decide what our meal will be. We’re looking forward to it! If you want to read the cabin blog entries from past years, I’ve now created a category called “Cabin” over on the right hand side of the blog. Clicking on that link will bring them all up. Enjoy!


All these things you mentioned are bringing back memories of your times previously. The Faire, the pool year ending, the cabin trip. I love that I have been following you so long already that I know what is in the future and can get excited about your trip and look forward to your posts!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to your next post- as always!!

Jessica, yes I am pretty predictable, aren’t I? smile I love that you’ve been following me for that long too! Thanks for all your comments, you always make my day.

Happy Birthday Bella X You never stop missing parents - My father died 11 years ago and I think of him every day - I am lucky to still have my mother who is 85 this year.  Sounds like a very full and exciting w/e you have planned with your friend - enjoy.

I found myself saying “Oh, right, it’s almost time to go to the cabin!” as well. And remembering Bella as a little tyke—oh my!

XOXO, and I hope the pool got warm enough!

Joyce, Bella says thanks for the Birthday wishes! Both my parents are gone now. Enjoy the gift of your 85-year-old mom!

Jane, see? Again, I am predictable if nothing else! Bella didn’t stay little not nearly as long as I would have liked her too. I don’t think the pool is going to make it today ... it’s now down to 70 chilly degrees with all the cool nights.

Predicatable?  Maybe… but it always tickles me that this Jersey girl is experiencing so many of the same things…. we did the ren faire last week-end, and braved the 70 degree water in yesterday’s heat.  Although, we don’t generally dine with bears!

Maggie, I hope you didn’t do the ren faire on the day it rained all day! We didn’t get in the pool yesterday but I am thinking with 90 degrees every day this week we just might take the plunge.

No, we lucked out and went on Saturday, when it was relatively cool to be dressed like a wench.  My son works at Steak on a Stick and his GF is usually at the fairy booth.  Merlin is my mom’s brother in law.  I hadn’t been in um 30 years and had great fun.  Might just have to go again next year!  smile  Can’t wait to see your pictures and hear about your day.

I was just thinking about your mom the other day, trying to remember how long ago she passed away. Happy birthday to her spirit!

Yes your life with bears is pretty interesting!

Love the pic of you in the crocs.

And now August is finally done. Onwards to autumn - please?

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