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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Capricious weather

The weather is confused. We’ll have a really warm day, say in the high 50’s like yesterday,  and then the next day will be in the 30’s. You’ve all heard, no doubt, about the ice storms last week. We barely escaped the onslaught of nasty weather by being a few degrees too warm. “Up the mountain” (as they call is around here) was a different story with downed power lines and trees, just a few miles away.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Not really knowing this, we took a drive on Saturday morning and were greeted by a beautiful sight: tree branches coated with ice, glistening in the sun. Of course there is a power line in my photo! It was like driving through a sparkling Winter Wonderland as the trees at times made an ice tunnel for us to drive through. I got out to take a few photos and and could hear the snapping and cracking of the ice sloughing off the branches. Ice crunched like big shards of broken glass under my feet. Very strange but also very eerily beautiful. I haven’t seen anything like that in years.

Days start out well enough, but they soon turn windy and grey with a smattering of rain. Other than hoping it was snow falling from the sky, the weather suits my mood of late.
capricious |kəˈpri sh əs;-ˈprē-|
given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior

I wonder if this word has any bearing on my astrological sign: Capricorn? If so, I think it sums me up pretty well!

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey
Sunday’s sunrise

I’m not sure what it’s doing out there this morning. It’s still so dark I can’t tell a thing. When I let Bella in a few minutes ago she had a few fluffy flakes stuck to her fur. The sun should be up by now (7:13 a.m.) but it’s not obvious. I haven’t even opened up the curtains yet. What’s the point if you can’t see anything? I don’t like letting the dark in.

In other news, I think I’m coming down with something. My throat has been feeling swollen for a few days now, but this morning it feels like I have golf balls in there. When I was a child it was all the rage to remove children’s tonsils. Almost everyone in my class in school had tonsilitis at one time or another. I clearly remember that they even had a children’s book of Tommy (or whoever) that had a tonsilectomy and how he got to eat a big bowl of ice cream in the hospital. I was envious and wanted to be like those kids.

But, lucky for me (or unlucky) I still have mine. I never notice them until times like this when they are trying to ward off infection. By the feel of them they are really working hard in there. Ugh. Swallowing is not pleasant. But, like the strange weather, this too shall pass. At least I hope so!

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


A fellow Capricorn really appreciates this post. Especially since she has been experiencing capricous behavior herself lately. Must be tied to the weather! grin

Love the photos. Thankfully we were spared the ice, but we did get tons of wind and rain. Several of my friends and co-workers were not as lucky and most are still without power.

Tonight, we are supposed to get sleet and snow. Fun huh?

Have a great week!

Clinton Road’s a nice place. (during the day that is) One of the few places left untouched in this once rural town. Might be lucky enough to get a snow day tomorrow. I heard 3 inches by early morning. Right when the superintendent Mrs. Colefield looks out her window to cancel school! So yea, I’m excited. Even if we don’t get that much UGL might get enough to help us out. Because if one school has to close all of them do; it’s a district-wide thing. That’s why on Friday the mountain lost power and so did UGL elementary school, thus school was cancelled! So far those crazy winter predictions are coming to frutition. (S.A.T word the of the day)
Our winter/holiday break starts next Wednesday and then we’re off til Monday the 5th!

Btw, I’m a libra smile

We are on a wavelength, Lynne!

Even with our adjectives.

Your pics are gorgeous!! Wow.

Hey Krista, I forget we shared a sign together. Glad to know it’s not just me! I hear ya!

Luke, keep hoping for school closures tomorrow. I have my fingers crossed for SNOW.

Reya, really strange that we blogged about the same thing with almost the same words today. Glad you enjoyed the pics.

do they not take tonsils out any more?
how strange

the top photo is gorgeous - i love days like that

I’m a Capricorn too and I still have my tonsils.
And we are getting yo-yo-ing weather as well. My driveway is a skating rink from the meltdown - now frozen. We do have snow, though and will for Christmas. We are in a bit of a snow belt but not as bad as a little farther north.

Hope you don’t get completely down with something.  That big pup needs your full attention!

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