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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Anybody out there watch the Food Network’s CHOPPED with Ted Allen as the host? Rick and I watch religiously. Mostly because we just like cooking competition shows, but also because this one is different. When we first started watching we weren’t sure we were going to like it. I mean, really, they take bizarre ingredients and have to make something out of them. They start with four chefs. If you don’t make it through the appetizer course you get chopped. The next three chefs move on to the entree and another one gets chopped. The last two battle out the dessert course, and finally one chef reigns supreme. I honestly don’t think I could figure out how to incorporate the things they get in their baskets into something edible!

Did you know it’s filmed right here in New York City? It’s actually filmed in a studio of an industry related friend of Rick’s. I’ve been to the studio before for a gallery event (the reason the little gold dress was purchased!). They mostly do food commercials and Rick has loaned him cameras for various shoots. You’ve probably seen some of his commercials.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Because, dear readers, Rick and I have been invited to watch a segment of CHOPPED being filmed in a few weeks! Yes indeed! I am so excited!!! It will be so much fun to see what goes on behind the scenes, and of course to meet Ted Allen in person. I hope that Alex Guarnaschelli is on the judging panel that day. She’s such a ... well, you know ... let’s just say she doesn’t exactly hand out compliments.

Can’t wait!!!!

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


I love Chopped! I used to love Iron Chef America, but it started getting a little boring for me.  Chopped is my new favorite!

Do you ever watch Unwrapped?  Thats filmed here in Colorado!  The older episodes were filmed at Heritage Square, and the newer ones, filmed at their studio in the Centennial area! I was an extra on a few episodes.  All those people in the background are actually just eating potato chips!

Katie, I don’t think I’ve seen Unwrapped ... wow, an extra! I’ll only just be watching from the sidelines. wink They don’t film with an audience, so we’ll be “private guests.”

I saw Chopped for hte first time the other night - the one where they had to use candy canes and bacon in the desert.  I thought it was much better than Iron Chef.

I totally second Unwrapped.  There are clips of the show on Hulu.

That’s so neat! I’ve seen the show before- I like it a lot! You get to meet Ted! I love Ted! He’s so cool.

Oh you lucky duck…I love Chopped.  I love to see all the foods they have to get worked together to make something that actually tastes good.  Glad its not me up there.  I’ve not used 1/2 of the stuff they are given.
Hey, that makes up for the all the shows you missed getting to see.  Congrats on your good fortune.

Allison, I still like Iron Chef. The cooking part is not too interesting but I love to see the prepared dishes and would love to be on the tasting panel!

Jessica, well I’ll tell you if he’s “cool” in person or not after meeting him!

Debra, yes, lucky-ducky me! smile I would not know how to put the things together that they do. No way!

When I saw the title, I thought,“Lynne must like motorcylcles…”  We are more American Chopper at our house! I am sure you will enjoy the experience!

I thought the same thing as Jan.  We (and by we, I mean the Guy!) are into the show about motorbikes and cars around here.

Food shows make me my jeans tight.

Thanks for your kind words about my kittie.

Jan and Becky, LOL! Sisters thinking alike! Too funny!

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