Friday, January 31, 2014


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Here I sit in front of my computer feeling the need to blog. I don’t really have anything to blog about but I feel like it’s my duty to do at least one post per week. Let’s just see what comes out of the tips of my fingers. Maybe if I sit here long enough something will come to mind.

Rick had jury duty this week. He took the above photo in the rotunda of the courthouse in Paterson. I love it for so many reasons. He spent three days sitting around for a civil malpractice case. Nearly all of that time was taken up with choosing the jurors. The two lawyers kept dismissing everyone they seated. He got lucky because one of the lawyers dismissed him as a juror too and there were only two potential jurors left after him. I have to wonder if they decided on one of them or if they had to call in more people. It’s an interesting look at our justice system but it can be boring just sitting there waiting to be called.

If you don’t already know, the Super Bowl is coming to town. Seahawk and Bronco frenzy has overtaken the whole city of New York. In fact, it’s kind of funny that even though the game is being played in the Meadowlands in New Jersey, New York has seemed to claim dibs on the whole thing. Poor New Jersey is hardly even mentioned. I’ll be glad when it’s over and I don’t have to listen to the hype anymore. As you already know, I am not a fan of the game. Just a bunch of grown men throwing themselves on top of a ball and running with it if they are lucky.

Speaking of duties, I am dutifully and diligently knitting away on my sister’s cowl. It’s such a fun pattern and very satisfying to see it coming together. Something I made from my own two hands!

Lately my photography has taken a back seat. I could say I have nothing to photograph but that wouldn’t be true. I’m sure if I trudged through the snow in the woods that I would find something of interest. It’s been so cold (in the single digits and teens) that it doesn’t really appeal to me. I could, I suppose, photograph something around the house and make it interesting but that seems like too much effort and not my style at all. So, my camera sits there waiting for inspiration to strike.

Now that I have bored you all with my minutia I’ll close for now. I am hoping to jump start my blogging —and my photography.


Cool photo!!  Love the design on the floor.  Are you making your sister’s cowl the same color as yours?  Don’t feel like it’s your ‘duty’ to blog because then it will become a chore.  Will gladly wait for however long it takes for inspiration to strike!  grin

C, I probably should have phrased it better than I felt it my “duty” to blog. But really, for me to remember what was going on in my life on a particular day of a particular year is kind of nice. I love looking back on the “On This Day” part of my blog and seeing what was going on a few years ago, or last year.

Yes, sis is getting the same color cowl because she liked the color.

I wondered why you were telling me you are sick of hearing about the Super Bowl.  I didn’t even know where it was being played!!! I try somewhat to keep up with the game, because of the Panthers, but it really makes no sense to me and I ask Warren the same questions over and over! 

Looking forward to my cowl!

That is a fabulous shot!  Hmmmmm….I have jury duty on Monday.  Somehow I think my photo ops won’t be nearly as fruitful!

I love Rick’s photo! It confused me that he would be on jury duty in Paterson, but now I see that your town is in Passaic County. For some reason I thought you were farther west than that. (Passaic is such a weird-looking county.)

I’m always glad to check in with you here, but don’t blog because you feel OBLIGATED. That’s no fun!

As for the Super Bowl, well, as you know, I’m not paying ANY attention to that. In fact, I thought it was last Sunday! LOL!

Yeah Steve, Passaic is shaped very strangely. Kind of like a buxom & hippy woman with a tiny waist! We are above the waistline almost into NY and where Rick works is just below the waist. wink I think that you and I are the only people who don’t like football!

I feel obligated to myself to keep track of things that go on with my life. Just like you, my blog is basically a diary, although not a daily one.

Welcome back!  My mom (94) just got called for Jury Duty.  ~roflmao….. luckily you can be automatically excused if you are over 75.

Maggie, welcome back yourself smile

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