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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Posted by: Lynne

Bella on a walk to Egger's Pond.

We are almost there. Next week this time all our wordly goods that are traveling west with us will be on their way. That means that the last push will come this weekend. I think we're in great shape for the movers — and for the estate sale. We still have the office to go through one more time and we have to choose which clothes to take with us and pack them, which is always a big chore.

We also have to make sure to hold out certain things that we don't want moved or sold, and those things will be going with us in the two vehicles. (Well, three if you count Ms Tabbie.) We will have the two camp chairs and camp table from the Tab to use in the house for those days after the estate sale that we are still here. Have to have something to sit on! Oh! and the coffee percolater and wine glasses. We have to be sure to hold out the dog crates and all the normal stuff that goes on the road with two dogs and one cat. All the houseplants need to be moved into the one closet where we are storing things that go with us. 

Two weeks ago I bought myself a little gnome for the trip. He'll keep me company as Morty the Moose will be with Rick. If you don't know who Morty is I'll fill you in if you really want to know. He's kind of a "spirit guide" on trips. I was trying to think up a name for my little guy and all I came up with was Gene (as in genome or is that geGNOME). Such wit!

Anyway ... I am nervous and excited at the same time. Once the movers leave and the estate sale is over we'll be able to catch our breath again before hitting the road. 

I have lots of little plans going around in my head to make the cabin a real home and not just a vacation cabin. A little paint here and there ... maybe a new kitchen ... fix the screened-in porch up like an extra room for the summer instead of just the catch-all it is now. All the things we are taking westward will help too.

Sorry to be going on about nothing, but it's getting so close now! I could almost believe it wasn't happening because it seems so surreal if it weren't for the chaos in every room.


We’re on the absolute verge of a big move ourselves, which adds to my fascination with your adventure.
We leave Saturday with a Uhaul trailer full of flotsam and jetsam from the basement and we drive for three days to a newly purchased second home in Florda. Excited beyond words!

Happy travels!

Happy travels to you as well Marty! Thanks for reading!

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