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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Catching Up on Numerous Things

Posted by: Lynne

The snow drifts are melting day by day and the aspens are starting to leaf out. The grasses still aren't coming in a lot yet so the space around the cabin looks like a blast zone with all the tramped down dead grass from last year, like it always does when the snow has not been gone long.

We've been busy busy busy. Saturday found us taking up the whole day in Ft. Collins running errands. We bought a new TV at Best Buy since our cabin TV was an old tube-style with a built-in DVD/VHS and a teeny screen. Of course, our satellite dish is not equipped for HD (which we knew) so we are watching standard definition on an HD TV at this point. The Dish guy was supposed to come yesterday but he had a family emergency or something and now isn't coming until June 4th. Bummer. At least it will be time to watch the new season of UnReal on June 6th.

Sunday found us driving to Kiowa, Colorado (south and east of Denver) to pick up the newest member of our family, and one of the reasons I haven't had time to blog. Meet Destin, our new Berner boy! (Registered name: Summit's We Were Made for This v Joyful)

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He's a love and a joy to have. But, like all babies he requires a lot of our time —taking him outside to potty (or not), taking things out of his mouth, playing tug, and many other activities. He was scared of the outside at first but now we can't get him back inside. He's very confident after only a few days of being in his  new home.

Hailey with Destin

Becoming fast buddies with Bella!

So between leaving the house on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and arriving home at 3:30 p.m. and leaving Sunday to pick up Destin at 6:30 and arriving home at 4:45, and making a run to Laramie to pick up more boxes the other day, rearranging the kitchen to make room for all the stuff we shipped and removing the duplicate items, we've hardly had any time to enjoy just being here. It will come.

The cabinet that we had the old outdated TV in was pretty useless with the new TV since we mounted it on the wall. It takes hardly any electricity to run unike the TVs we sold in the estate sale back in New Jersey, and one of the reasons we did not bring them. So, I had the idea to move the cabinet to the kitchen to become a cupboard instead to hold our kitchen appliances and flours, sugars, and other pantry items. It works great! You can see a little of it here beside the Hoosier as Destin helps unpack. I like repurposing things

Yesterday a deer visited the meadow. Bella happened to be outside and took chase. The deer was much faster than Bella and escaped into the Ewok Forest unscathed.

And we had another visitor ... a cow moose that arrived sometime around noon and stayed for several hours. Meet Hannah the Moose:


Why Hannah? Well ... when she's standing out in the meadow she looks like an Appaloosa horse to me, albeit a very strange horse. Her mottled skin and patchy hair reminds me of the spots on an Appaloosa. When I was a teenager and my parents and I vacationed at a dude ranch in Rocky Mountain National Park (which no longer exists as the Park bought them out), I rode an Appaloosa horse named Sir Hanna. He was a great horse and fun to ride on all the beautiful trails available right from the ranch. So, Hannah it is. Makes sense now? Maybe not!

Obviously there is nothing wrong with Morley since Hannah has the same bedraggled-right-down-to-the-hide kind of shed going on. 

Today Rick went into town to get rid of our boxes and packing paper at the recycle place at the dump. He will also go by the storage place an pick up more boxes and do the grocery shopping needed to get us through the Memorial Day weekend. I stayed behind to babysit.

Today they are also delivering our new Polaris! Woohoo! We don't have the barn yet to store it in, so it will have to sit outside until the 17th of June when the barn is due to be delivered.

Well, that catches you up I guess. I'm out of words!


What a cute pup!

Destin is ridiculously adorable, although Bella’s no slouch in that department, either.
It’s interesting to hear the details of your settling in in such a different world.

I can never really tell the difference between SD and HD television!

Destin is very cute. I can’t wait to watch him grow and continue to settle in with the “pack.” And Hannah, well, she’s a bit ungainly, but I suppose she’s beautiful to other moose. smile

Steve, if you watch a show being telecast in HD on a SD TV the picture is smushed a little and the aspect ratio (Rick’s words) is all wrong. I can’t believe you can’t tell the difference! HD is so sharp!

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