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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Drifting Along

Posted by: Lynne

Not our driveway, but Hidden Meadows Ln just past our driveway.

Drifting being the main thrust of this post. We are drifted in. Not exactly "snowed in" because with the amount of snow that we got on Friday is not enough to keep us in. No, it's the darned wind that kicked up and lifted all that fresh snow up and rearranged it wherever it felt like it. We have too much snow to plow it and our snowblower won't start. Sheesh. We can take the Ranger out to the top of our neighbor's hill where we have parked the Suburban, but the roads past that point are too drifted right now as well, or at least we are assuming so. Our neighbors are blaming this unseasonably harsh weather on us, telling us we brought it from New Jersey with us. I have always told them that because we moved here expect this winter to be worse than normal. Now it's come true with frigid temperatures and wind that would normally be seen in March. Like my neighbor said, what can March bring now?

Drifting along too in another sense, I've been sick for a week now and getting really tired of it. Some sort of flu-like bug that I am having a hard time shaking. Normally I would be loving this shut-in-wintry-world outside my window. I have tons of knitting that I am longing to get to and finish, books to read, games to play on the iPad, but all I seem to manage to be able to do is sleep and watch TV. My head is too muddy and swimmy to concentrate on any of those projects. So, I feel as if I am just drifting along from day to day. 

One good thing about watching a lot of TV, we are slowly but surely making our way through the Downton Abbey Marathon that we recorded over the Thanksgiving holidays when PBS was airing it. We've seen it before minus the last season, but we are enjoying it all the more the second time around. I am so immersed in it that I am beginning to feel like part of the family. Honestly, one of the best series ever produced. The costuming! The characters! I will be sad to finally finish all seasons. Masterpiece Theater never fails us. We also recently watched The Durrells in Corfu (also a Masterpiece production) which was equally delightful and one we didn't want to see end.

We have these sweet Gray-Crowned Rosy Finches at our house now. About 100 of them! I love how finches always arrive in flocks. The cold weather doesn't seem to bother them too much.

Our Steller Jays, on the other hand, seem to be a put out with the cold temperatures. Doesn't he look cold and disgusted?

We haven't been outside much latey, mostly because of the windchill, but yesterday I was feeling good enough to take the dogs to the top of the driveway and see what was happing outside the cabin wall. Mother Nature has been very busy sculpting and moving snow around. It's kind of strange how some surfaces are scoured clear of snow while other have a couple of feet in drifts.

Here is Destin enjoying the drifts along our little lane which is rapidly filling in.

Trees make great snow fences. If only they would grow in the appropriate places.

It's still very windy today but at least it's supposed to above freezing, so maybe in a day or two we will be able to make it to the mailboxes and possibly even into town!

Destin is jumping for joy at the prospect of going for a ride!


Hidden Meadows Lane.  Aptly named today!  Lovely bird photos.
Ms Soup

Ms Soup, welcome! I don’t think we’ve seen you comment before. How did you find us? Please make a return trip! smile

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well.  Everyone at work is sick too - some virus going around and the cough lasts awhile.  Have never seen gray-crowned rosy finches before.  Very cool.  Hope you’re able to get out and get to the mailbox.  We’re having a little bit warmer temps too.  Feel better soon!!!!!

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