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Sunday, October 09, 2016

It’s Snow Fun!

Posted by: Lynne

Destin: "lickety" split through the snow.

The dogs love snow. So, basically this is just a post with photos of dogs enjoying the fresh snow that we got a few days back.

Well, okay, and one gratuitous pic of aspens!

Good smells!

Scary Destin.




WOW, the aspens are loosing their leaves fast.  Fabulous view in the next to last photo.  Rain here today and in the 50s.  Those little skiffs of snow make it fun for the dogs and not any extra work for you.  Hope it stays that way for a while!!

C, the aspens are pretty much done. The wind, hail and snow did them in. They don’t last very long up here anyway, maybe two weeks or so. I’m not worried about the snow until after January. It’s not like the East where it comes and stays all winter. The sun is so brutal at this altitude and the weather so variable.

The dogs definitely look like they’re in their element!

The next to last picture makes me miss being at the cabin. Thank you for posting these great pics! I like knowing what is going on up there. Your blog through the winter will let me know for the first time how the winter goes up there, as we close the cabin in September and don’t return until the end of May, usually. I hope that all of you have a good winter!

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