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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Moose Stuff

Posted by: Rick

Over the years, we've accumulated a lot of moose-themed stuff at the cabin. After all, that is one of the special things about it -- moose. In 2009, Lynne took photos of much of the moose stuff. And, I've just posted some of those photos to the photo gallery on this site. 

Looking at all this moose stuff makes us think that the cabin may need to "grow up" some. After all, it is no longer going to be a weekend getaway, but our full-time residence. We may want to get rid of some of the kitchy stuff and decorate with a bit more taste. We'll see...

You can find the OtG Photo Gallery by clicking on it's link on the right side of this page. (Toward the bottom. It says "Photo Gallery Entries"). Then select the Moose Stuff gallery. Or just follow this link directly to it.

Let us know what we should keep and what must go!

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