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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Quick Note on Address Changes

Posted by: Rick

I've posted at length about our cabin address, and the issues it creates. "I Take it Back", for example. The latest frustration is with changing addresses online. It seems many (most?) companies that give you the ability to change your address online, verify the address with some kind of USPS address database.

If I type in the mailing address we've set up, which is our street address in Colorado but with Laramie, WY as the town, I get errors like "There is no street of that name at that Zip Code". True. (But don't tell the mail delivery person!)

If I type in the actual legal, physical address using Red Feather Lakes, CO as the town, then I get a similar message like "That address does not exist". Which is not true, of course, but since the USPS doesn't deliver to that address, it is unknown to them.

So, I'm stuck with many of the address changes we need to do. Phone calls have led to success in a few cases, but only frustration in others. We will rely heavily upon "paperless" billing and communications, I guess.

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