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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

UPS Success!

Posted by: Rick

I retired from my job shortly after my 10th anniversary with the company. At 10 years, I could choose a Service Award gift, (I chose 4 nice hefty steak knives), but it did not arrive by the time we left New Jersey. So, I had the company ship it to me via UPS at the cabin address.

As you can see from the photo, it arrived well annotated. There are several notes on it, one with a smiley face. "Good Address", "Send out with Roy on Tuesday", etc.

When I knew the package had been shipped, I visited the local UPS store and explained our situation and they "put the word out" locally to look out for the shipment. I also signed up for UPS's online service that notifies me whenever they have a package in their system addressed to the cabin. That way, I can leave special instructions, etc. FedEx has a similar service, but I've not received any FedEx shipments yet to see how it works. The UPS system worked fine. I was notified of the shipment being "on it's way".

It was to be delivered on Saturday before Memorial Day. But, Roy, our regular UPS delivery driver, was on vacation and Sean was driving his route. Sean had no idea what to do with the package. He did call in the afternoon, but by then he'd missed our drop-off location. I told him it was no big deal (he was about 75 miles away by then), and to deliver it next week. He also called Roy and I guess Roy explained what to do.

There is a UPS drop box at the Wooden Shoe Ranch were we pick up our mail. If there is a UPS package, Roy leaves it in the locked drop box and also leaves a note in our mail box. Everyone is given a key. (Ours was taped to a note in the mailbox on the day of the delivery. Oh boy, another key to keep track of.)

Roy even called us from his vacation to make sure we got the key and the package. That's what I call great service.

We grilled steaks the next night for dinner. They were delicious (nothing like local beef), and the knives worked great!

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