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Friday, May 29, 2015

Wednesday Morning Cabin TV Channel

Posted by: Lynne

My last post was written about the moose visit on Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning was the ultimate wildlife TV show out our window. Probably the like of which we will never see again. It started with the moose.

From this angle his newly sprouted antlers look like a big dog bone to me!

This post continues in MORE below, just click through. I am trying to abide by Rick's rules of blogging since we are now sharing this space.

If he keeps coming back we're going to have to name him. Any suggestions? We have a little stuffed moose that is our mascot in the truck and we call him Mortimer the Moose (or Morty for short). But it doesn't have to start with an "m". All suggestions welcomed and will be considered.

Next up on the Cabin TV Channel we had some deer. eBay watches through the window as they approach.

Then when I looked out the front window I saw more deer and also a cow elk mixed in! I know this photo isn't great but I was taking it through layers of screen and the swing on our front porch. You can see the elk in the foreground and behind her is the butt of a deer. There were actually three deer. I didn't dare move to get a better shot because they were very skiddish. We've never seen "mixed species" together like that. So exciting!

Ms. Elk spooked and never would come into the meadow, but the deer finally decided it was safe.

So at the same time, Mr. Moose has not left the meadow. After having breakfast at the mineral lick he decided to lay down under a small pine tree and take a nap. So now we had a moose and three deer in the meadow at the same time! Can it get more exciting? Who needs TV? We have our very own, very active reality show!

Not to be outdone by all this animal activity, the Evening Grosbeaks decided to visit as well.

So there you have it — boring old cabin life.


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