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Our T@B Specs

We purchased the 2014 T@B S-Style trailer with the M@xx package. The S-Style has a wet bath that gives us a proper indoor toilet as well as a shower. The M@xx package adds some options that we really like such as a 3-way refrigerator (110VAC, 12VDC, propane), an air conditioner, the Alde LP-110VAC Hot Water and Central Heat System (more on that in a future post), 19 gallon grey water tank, 19" LED TV and radio/CD/DVD/MP3 system. 

Here are some key specs:

  • Exterior Width: 76"
  • Exterior Length: 15'2"
  • Exterior Height: 89"
  • Interior Width: 71"
  • Interior Length: 124"
  • Interior Height: 69"
  • Weight (empty): 1670 lbs
  • GVWR: 2800 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 180 lbs

So, it is tiny! I am 6'1" or 73" tall, so need to slouch by about 4" to stand up. That may sound bad, but most of the time I'll be sitting or sleeping. And, when I cook, I can sit on the sofa while watching pots and pans.

Dry camping will be a real challenge. The trailer only holds 5 gallons of fresh water, so we'll need to haul additional water (or have a way of refilling) if we need more than a day of autonomy. It does have a 6 gallon black water tank and a 19 gallon grey water tank, so we can go several days without needing to dump.

My guess is that we will be hooked up to city water, electricity, sewer (and even cable TV) most of the time. Then, we are free to live comfortably.

On our unit, we also ordered the fixed front window as well as a round portal window in the bathroom. They really open it up and make it feel a bit bigger.

The T@B trailers are built by the Amish in Ohio. All the finish work is exceptional. The interior finishes are Birch hardwood, for example. Side windows can tilt open and come with sun shades and screens. There is a bidirectional 3-speed exhaust fan (Fantasic). The table that folds down to make the bed platform is not attached to the floor, so can be removed and used as an outside table. We are getting an awning that provides shade and some protected outdoor space, where I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time in good weather. (Sitting in lawn chairs, in the shade, sipping on a marguarita and petting a dog.) There is a 2-burner propane stove (no oven or microwave), and we'll get a small portable outdoor grill for cooking also. 

Here is a YouTube video with a pretty comprehensive walk-through of a T@B trailer. This model does not have the wet-bath, but is pretty representative otherwise.

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