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Meet du Coeurs Oops-A-Daisy

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Demetux Anchors Aweigh x du Coeurs Millenia v J & Ns

OFA11025G25F; EL3672F25

Click to see Daisy’s Pedigree

a bit about Daisy…Daisy was born on January 29, 2002. She was born at the vet’s office because her brother Bode was stuck in the birth canal [he was born on the way to the vet’s in the car]. We decided to wait for her birth at the vet’s office since we were already there. We were chatting away with the vet and all of sudden Rick looked down and said “Look, there’s a puppy!” and sure enough, there was Daisy. She slipped right out while no one was looking. We like to tell her how she just “plopped out” on the floor of the vet’s office. She gets really tired of us telling her the story of her birth.

Daisy is a sweet dog that likes to cuddle. She likes to get on the bed with us in the morning and curl up on my pillow [or as much of her that will fit]. Daisy shows promise in the conformation ring if we can just convince her that it’s fun. So far we haven’t been able to convince her!

Now that Daisy has passed her OFAs with flying colors, we plan on breeding her in 2005.

Daisy at Three Weeks

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Daisy at Six Weeks

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Daisy at Seven Weeks

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Daisy at Two Years

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See Next Page to watch Daisy GROW from a puppy into this lovely young bitch!


Posted by Lynne on 08/05/2004 at 02:52 PM

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