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Heidi Dies on July 12, 2005

At about 7:00 p.m. on July 12, 2005, we had Heidi put to sleep. Her hip dysplasia and neurological problems had progressed to the point that she could not walk. Dealing with a 75 pound dog that cannot move becomes a real burden to us and is no way for her to live out her life. She was in pain from arthritis and the dysplasia, she was humiliated at her inability to be mobile, and she was pretty much “checked out” on everything except food.

She went calmly and painlessly.

She was well over 12 years old. If you figure the average age of a Berner is between 8 and 9 years, and comparing that to the average age of a human, Heidi was the equivalent of about 112 years old! That is pretty good. And, we are happy to say that she did not die of cancer.


Posted by Rick on 07/13/2005 at 04:57 PM

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