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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cabin Day 3, 2013 - Provisioning

Today was a provisioning day. We left for Laramie about 8:45 after coffee and muffins, feeding and walking dogs, and our morning showers. The wind blew all night and I finally had to take down the outdoor wind chime so we could sleep. 

No luck trapping the rats again.

In Laramie we visited the local feed store for buffalo bones for the dogs. We got four of them, two for now (one each) and we'll save the other two for Christmas. We also got cat food there. Then we dumped a bag of trash at a local business owned by a fellow land-owner. It is great of him to let us dump our trash in his dumpster. We also got rid of our recycle items like bottles and glass as well as cardboard. Murdock's was next on the list where we got dog food, a dog bed for Bella, some dog treats, salt licks and deer block. Off next to Walmart where we did the bulk of our shopping--both food and hardware. Since we did not find everything we needed, we stopped at Albertson's grocery, but did not find our missing items there (basil, arugula, a lemon). So, off to Safeway where Lynne got the rest of the items we needed while I put gas in the truck and in a couple of 5-gallon gas cans. (We need gas for the generator, which must run when we don't have sun.) We picked up a few more items on the list at K-Mart, then popped into the Hastings book store to pick up a couple of books. MacDonalds for lunch on our way out of town and we were back on the road. Whew, that's exhausting.

The dogs went with us since it was very cool. But, I think they would have preferred staying at the cabin. The dirt roads were muddy and now the truck is almost unrecognizable from a coating of mud. Bella particularly does not like the washboard roads.

Part way home Lynne realized she did not buy the ciabatta bread we need for Tuesday's dinner. So, when we got home, I made some home-made dough that will rise overnight and we'll try some freshly baked bread tomorrow.

We unpacked everything. The fridge is now loaded, but it all fit. I installed a door stop on the bathroom door, replaced our busted Dust Buster, and piddled around with a few more chores such as replacing a light bulb in the closet and in a flashlight.

Stew with dumplings for dinner. Yum. Lynne does such a great job with stew! No recipe really, just ingredients that look right. The dumpling recipe is somewhere and I'll try to remember to post a link to it.

For now, I'm bushed. We just watched a very, very old movie called Seven Alone which is a true story of some kids trying to follow the Oregon trail after their parents died on the way.

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