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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cabin Day 7, 2013 - Not Much

I'm actually writing this on the morning of Day 8. I am settling in the cabin life now and just don't feel the compelling urgency to sit in front of a computer and publish my thoughts and activities. And, it was a bit of a slow day for both of those things.

We woke to damp weather, it drizzled some, but was not really raining. Just wet air. And, we had our normal morning routine, except I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. There is only one muffin left, so it is time to make Sylvie Bread. We'll need a run into town for flour and yeast first, though. So, that comes next week.

Not sure how we spent the morning, probably just reading and talking and looking out the window watching the birds and looking for deer or moose or elk.

For lunch, we did an traditional grilled cheese, although I put some roast beef slices on mine. We used rye bread and combined provolone and Saint Andre cheeses. 

We started a wooden puzzle, with extraordinarily complex pieces that my cousin had given us for Christmas last year (or, was it the year before?) We'd been meaning to work on it for a long time, but every time we opened the box and looked at the pieces we opted for something easier. Turns out, after struggling to get started, we found a method for working on it and now have the bulk of it together. We will work on the complex, black border area today.

When the weather was nice, that is not drizzling rain and it had warmed up some, we took both dogs for an "around". It was their first time all the way around and we were worried a bit about Hailey. She is getting old and we think she may be starting to have a bit of arthritis. But, she kept up with us all the way and seemed to enjoy the walk. 

The aspen leaves are now starting to change. When we got here a week ago, they were all still their normal green color. But now, many of the trees are starting to show their golden colors and I think early to mid next week will be peak season for color. We'll likely take a drive around the area to see all the trees, then.

We brainstormed how we might do an addition to the cabin to better accommodate us if we lived here full time, or at least for long periods of time. We'd need a second fridge and more storage and think a "mud room" addition on the back of the cabin might do the trick. It looks to me like we could put a 50 to 60 square-foot room there without much problem. We would lose the window int the bathroom, which would become an interior room, but I think that would be okay. We need to look into finding a contractor who could do the job. We'd need to do a few other things too. We'd add another propane tank. We'd need some kind of winter transportation--a vehicle like a Polaris Ranger with tracks for the winter, or a snow machine, as well as a play to store it like a shed or garage. The wind-powered generator would need to be recommissioned. It is fun to think about, but years away.

I guess the big news of the day is the snow. Late afternoon it began to snow. At first it did not stick, but as it got colder and the flakes got bigger and denser, it did stick to grasses and leaves (and the truck). It won't last, but was nice to experience.

Lynne made a wonderful Chili for dinner along with Red Lobster Cheese Biscuits. Earlier in the day she made one of my favorite desserts, a Frozen German Sweet Chocolate Cream Pie.

We watched an old movie on DVD and then went to bed around 9:00.

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