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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cabin Day 9, 2013 - Another Provisioning

A couple of comments on yesterday: Lynne made home-made pretzels and we had lasagna soup for dinner. Neither recipe is currently entered into our online recipe book, so I can't provide a link to them (although Lynne has a link to the soup recipe on her blog). Before bed we watched Pioneer Woman, and old movie with William Shatner, Joanna Pettet and that introduced Helen Hunt. We enjoyed it. We buy these collections of old movies on DVD at Walmart of $5 or $6. There are usually 5 or more movies on each one. The quality is not great--terrible on some--but, still fun to watch.

We woke this morning to an awesome sunrise, orange everywhere. It looked to be a breezy day, and we needed to do provisioning soon, so we decided to drive into Laramie. We dumped trash and recycle, hit K-Mart, then the laundry (while I made a feeble effort to wash the truck), Murdocks, Albertsons and lunch at Taco Johns. Back about 2:30. Batteries did not get a full charge, but are in good shape--didn't even run the generator during showers today. 

We are planning on leftover chili tonight. It is now warming in a pot on the wood stove.

We've used very little of our cut and split wood stored on the front porch this year. Instead, we've taken the wheel barrow down into the meadow where there are slash piles of wood trimmed from trees cut down a few years ago. We gather fireplace-sized bits of limbs and branches and burn them. The trees were all beetle kill and we had them cut to reduce the fire danger to the cabin. The logger who did the job for us did a lousy job and did not clean up the site adequately. So, it has been a bit of an eye sore for a few years. Now, it is starting to look better with some of the wood breaking down and grasses and aspen trees growing up. Still, it needs to have stumps cut down to the ground and some fallen trees cut up for firewood.

Watched Amazing Race on TV, read some, then off to bed!

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