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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cabin Trip 2014 - Day (Wow, this is like day) 13

Stars. Billions and billions of stars. 

That is what we see when we go out after dark and peer up into the sky. The Milky Way forms a stripe across the sky from south to north that can only be described as "milky". All the familiar constellations are there, and some I don't know. 

The planets appear first, even during twilight. Soon the brighter stars. And, when all twilight is gone, billions of stars appear. Oh, and some airplanes.

The skies have been moonless this week. The moon is just a sliver anyway, and it sets not long after the sun. And, the nights have been clear of clouds. So, the conditions have been perfect for star gazing.

Last night, we build a small fire in the campfire ring and sat there with our whiskey and watched the sun go down over Bull Mountain, luxuriated through a long twilight, and finally saw the stars emerge. Oh, and I saw a falling star. (It's okay, there are billions more.)

I usually start with food. Sorry. Thursday was Bob's Oven Fried Chicken, which is always good. We did a mashed potato and some frozen buttered peas to accompany the crispy skinned chicken. I took another stab at the peach cobbler, this time using self-rising flour, and it worked. It should have cooked longer and doesn't look very appetizing any more, but I think a few minutes in the oven will perk it up. Friday night, Lynne made her famous lasagne and it was, as usual, delicious. That pretty much catches you up on food.

Here is a preview of what is about to come next:

Yesterday, we took a road trip to view aspen trees. We went up and over Sand Creek Pass, down to the Laramie River, turned left and drove all the way to Chambers Lake. We parked at a small lake called Lost Lake to take a short walk and have lunch. I am not sure why it is called Lost Lake because we were able to find it easily, even though it had been probably 15 years since being there. Maybe because you can drive right by it and not see it without a short walk down the hill. There is a road that goes from the parking lot to the head of the lake, but it is usually impassible. And, sure enough, a ranger was there doing a road survey and she warned us (as she was repairing a flat tire on her truck). We told her we knew it well, so she started asking questions about the road. How far does it go? Does it go all the way to some other lakes? Etc. 

The road is actually a jeep trail known as the Greenridge Trail and has been in existence for a long time. I took it part way once, back in 1981 or 1982. It connects somewhere to the north, but I don't remember where.  Yes, it does go by those two other lakes. One is a dead lake (no fish), but the upper lake has fresh water shrimp that feed native cutthroat trout. I told her all this and I think she thought I was crazy. Here I am sitting there in a truck with New Jersey plates.

Looking up Sand Creek Pass:

Aspens with the Rawah Mountains in the background:

We took a picnic lunch of leftover chicken down to the lake and girls followed. Well, Bella followed until she saw there was a lake. The next thing we knew, there was a spash. Bella found the lake. The water gets deep quick, and I guess she discovered this. It is darned cold, too at about 10,000 feet. She went in again and again, having the time of her life. Poor Hailey had to maneuver the trail which was criss-crossed with downed trees. She is getting smart though, and goes under when she can't go over. They had a blast.

Bella in Lost Lake:

One happy (wet) dog:

We came home the same way we went, with a detour around by Glendevey Ranch.

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