“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” – Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark, 1915

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas at the Cabin, Day 3

It is Saturday, December 24th. Christmas Eve!

Last night we had company for eggnog and cookies. Two of the full-time couple from Sand Creek Park came over for a couple of hours. It was a great time. Good eggnog, good cookies, Donna brought some candy, and Deb brought some spicy peanuts. The dogs all had their Christmas stuff on and after showing off a bit, settled down and were really good.

Since we have lots of photos, and are likely to take more, I decided to create an image gallery of photos rather than post each one here. So, to view photos of our Christmas at the Cabin just follow this link. I’ll update it with new photos once in a while.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t also post a photo here once in a while! Here is Bart, about to take off and lead Santa’s sleigh:

Rick and Lynne Robinson, Fort Collins, Colorado

As our guests were leaving (they have to back out of our curved driveway because there is no turn-around area) Dave dropped his left-rear tire off the edge of the driveway. I did that once with Beastie my Ford F150 with a snow plow on it. The more you try to get loose, the further off the driveway you tend slip. So, Larry had to hook up to Dave’s Jeep and pull him back onto the driveway. The advantage of this little slip is that the snow next to the driveway is now beaten down and I don’t have to worry about drifts as much!

It was windy overnight and is windy again today. As I write this, about 11:00 a.m. it is 31° outside. It is cloudy and looks threatening, but there are no predictions of snow. In any case, we have plenty of electricity. So, we are about to sit down and watch some Christmas movies on TV.

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