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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grocery Line Awareness

Maybe I need to start a new category of posts called “pet peeves”. I could go on for a long time about grocery lines. Like when there are none when you enter the store, but every line is backed up 5 deep when you are ready to leave. Or, how no matter which line I get in, it will be the slowest—even if I change.

But my biggest pet peeve about grocery store lines is when I have 2 or 3 items, I go to the express checkout, and the person in front of me has completely forgotten they need to pay. YOU HAVE TO PAY BEFORE LEAVING, FOLKS! Inevitably, I get behind someone who decides to write a check. Their balance is $2.40, but they want to write a check. And, do they start writing their check while their groceries are being checked out? No. The checker runs all their groceries over the scanner—which might take 15 seconds on an express lane—and then announces the total. THEN the lady in front of me decides to open her purse, scratch around for a while, recover her check book, scratch around some more to find a pen, then meticulously fills in the check (which can be done while standing in line, folks), finally signs it, and hands it over. Then, she has to go searching for ID…

Today, the lady was paying with cash, but she had forgotten her glasses. Again, she waits until the total is announced before opening and scratching around in her purse, finally finds her wallet, then has to hold each bill within 1/2-inch of her face to determine its size. IT IS $2.40, LADY! Just hand the checker a bill and hope for the best.

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