Tuesday, July 12, 2005

4th of July Week at the Cabin

Lynne and I, the eight dogs and three cats, spent the week of 4 July at the cabin. It was a great break from work and the bustle of Fort Collins. And, even though it was pretty hot up there, it is usually about 10 degrees cooler than at home. (When we got home the yard and garden were bone dry.)

Of course, the weekend prior to the 4th was pretty busy and noisy up there with ATVs running around and people doing target practice with their guns. But, by Tuesday it was quiet and peaceful—what we go to the mountains for.

We ate well, got some exercise walking the dogs. I caught some fish. We cut some wood in preparation for cooler weather. We hunted mushrooms and photographed wildflowers. We put together puzzles, I wrote some cool PHP-based recipe book software. We read books, watched a couple of movies. Trimmed dog nails and cut mats from behind their ears. We improvised a pizza one night and cooked it on the barbeque. Doesn’t sound like much, but sometimes we just sat and did nothing. The week went fast.

I’ll be posting about a hundred new wildflowers to the Wildflower Gallery soon. And, we will add a few photos to the Mushroom Gallery, too.

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