Thursday, February 17, 2022

A Leno Shrug

I had plenty of the silk noil left over from weaving the Infinity Cowl (twice), so decided to try a new technique and pattern. This is a shrug done using 2x2 leno. Leno is a weaving pattern where you cross over some warp threads and then pass the weft through that cross to create a very open lacy texture. The "2x2" means that I'm picking up 2 warp threads and passing them over 2 adjacent warp threads to create the pattern. I could just as well do 1x1 or 1x2, etc. I think the 2x2 creates just the right weight and look for this shrug.

The Leno Weaving Technique

This idea came from "The Weaver's Idea Book" by Jane Patrick. The book holds a huge amount of information on technique and is a great place to get inspiration.

I think the shrug looks better when it is on Lynne as opposed to a hangar, but these are the only photos I have. It can be worn two ways, with the buttons on the shoulder or on the front.

Buttons on the Front

Buttons on the Shoulder

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