Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cabin Day 1, 2013 - Morning

This morning was mostly "cleaning" time. We got up early--around 6:00 a.m.--because we'd had plenty of sleep and the dogs were antsy. It was still dark outside. The dogs went out to pee while I prepared coffee. We bought an antique coffee grinder and now we can grind whole beans for our coffee in the belief it makes a difference to the taste. It takes a while, but produces a nice fine grind. Since I'm stingy about electricity, we don't have an electric coffee grinder. Nor do we have an electric coffee maker. Instead, we use a 1950s-era percolator. I prepared it the night before so all I had to do while the dogs were outside was put it on the stove and light the burner.

When the dogs came in, I fed them. Then, Lynne and I had some cereal with our coffee and slowly started winding up for the day. After breakfast, we did a walk to the "bottom" with the dogs. This is a short hike down the road to the bottom of the canyon just east of the cabin. The canyon is filled with pines, spruce and aspen trees and smells wonderful. We also hiked some to the west where we had a huge slash pile of stuff left over from a logging operation on our land a few years ago. The pile of logs and sticks was ugly and we had it buried over the summer. It looks a lot better and the scarred land will recover with sage and wildflowers and grasses soon enough. Right now, it looks like a landing site for a helicopter.

When we got back, we started on the cleaning. I vacuumed while Lynne cleaned up the kitchen and the furniture (covered with dust) on the front screened-in porch. Then, I took the mop bucket and mop and washed down the exposed floors with some good smelling stuff from Mr. Clean. This got all the dust up and also left the cabin smelling a bit better. Lynne cleaned some windows, which made a huge difference to our view of the meadow west of the cabin--a view we often call "cabin TV" since we can sit and just stare out the window for hours.

Then, we cleaned ourselves with a quick shower. I rehung the broken clothes line. 

And, that is about it for the morning. I'm feeling hungry although its only 10:45. (Well, it is 12:45 at home, can I use that as an excuse?)

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