Friday, September 19, 2014

Cabin Trip 2014 - Days Four & Five

The chimneys got swept on Thursday, and we didn't do much else that day.

We went over to the Mickelson's to give them a cookbook in thanks for all the help they've given us (and will give us).

We also took the game camera to the bottom, but toward the pond. However, when checking it this morning (I'm writing this on Friday), there were no photos.

The heater did not work right this morning. Bummer. It is really tough solving intermittent problems. I replaced the pressure switch with one that Grant left for just that purpose.

The redecorating continued. Lynne cleaned out various cabinets and we got all our jig saw puzzles in one place. We sorted them and decided to keep about 1/2, but will donate the other half. (We learned that there are two vendors at Bart's -- a local flea market -- who take donations and use the proceeds for good causes.) The hoosier is now able to serve as a small pantry for us!

We had chicken pot pie for dinner and while eating we saw two moose walk though our meadow. One was a large female and the other was probably a 2-year-old. Both were very black.

Today, Friday, again the heater did not work. I called Grant and he had some ideas for me to try. We need a reliable heating source for the cabin. Not just because it might get cold while we are here, but because we like to leave it set at 45° over the winter to keep the cabin from freezing.

We drove into town for shopping. We are now stocked for a week or more. Most shopping was done at WalMart because we needed some miscellaneous items, too. One thing we've discovered is there is nowhere to put our recycle items any more. There used to be drop-off stations all over town for cardboard, cans, bottles and plastic. But, they are gone! I guess Laramie now has curb pickup for recycling, so the need for collection stations had gone away. Doing some Internet searching, I may have found a drop off at the University, so we'll check that out soon. I'd hate to just throw away items that could be recycled.

We had a nice visit with Terry Miner at his auto repair shop. He lets us dump our trash in his dumpster -- which is really appreciated! 

After all the redecorating and re-imagining of the cabin layout, we've identified the need for another dresser for clothes, a night table or bedside stand for Rick, and a bookshelf or two. So, we dropped by Bart's Flea Market on our way home. We found a few items that might really work well. I took some measurements and photos and we've decided to go back and get a couple of items, maybe even tomorrow (and take the puzzles to donate).

Tonight is left-over chicken pot pie and brownies for dessert.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. On our drive into town we saw a coyote, antelope, a herd of over 30 elk, and a red-tailed hawk.

One other quick story. As we left Bart's I got a phone call on the cabin cell. So, I pulled over to the side of the road. After a minute another call pulled up and stopped behind me. It was odd, but I was talking on the phone so did not pay much attention. Pretty soon, someone is tapping on my window. I rolled it down and a young woman asked if we needed help with directions or anything. Lynne told her "no" we were fine, we just pulled over to talk on the phone. So, she said goodbye and went back to her car, turned around and drove off.

I guess she saw our New Jersey license plates and just assumed we were lost. Made a bad right turn somewhere wink

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