Monday, September 27, 2010

Cabin Visit 2010 - Day 10

Day 10 was another shopping day in Laramie. We were about to head out about 8:15 or so when a neighbor came by to give us some fresh tomatoes and basil. We’ll put that to good use! Then, the 40 minute drive to Laramie. We needed some stuff from the farm supply store, Walmart, Albertson’s (grocery), the hardware store, and the feed store. The feed store was closed, but we go everything else accomplished. The birds even got some human grade peanuts since would could not buy them at the feed store.

We had lunch at Shari’s (a family restaurant in town) with Sally—a long time and dear friend from Fort Collins. It was great to catch up with her and her family and we enjoyed our time together very much. (Better than we enjoyed the food which sat heavy on us the rest of the day.) After leaving lunch we headed back to the cabin, arriving around 2:30. A long day in town.

Didn’t do much after getting home. I’m reserving tomorrow for chores grin

For dinner we had Salt & Pepper Shrimp, an Asian-inspired shrimp dish that usually has mango juice and mangoes in it. But, we could not find any jarred or canned mangoes in Laramie, so we substituted chunky pineapple (and a little sugar) and it worked great. It was a “different” dish with the pineapple sauce and flavor, but equally as good as the original. I made brownies a couple of days ago, and that was dessert—along with a shot of cognac.

No TV. Just reading and talking and eventually off to bed.

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